How to Arrange Rustic Restaurant Chairs?

There are three types of rustic dining restaurant chairs: traditional, transitional, and modern, and each style is different.

Rustic restaurant chairs

1. Traditional rustic restaurant chairs

A large rectangular light oak table, mix-and-match chairs, a large rectangular glass and metal chandelier, greenery, plenty of table linen, and a tactile rug are the key elements to create a traditional look for your restaurant.

2. Transitional rustic restaurant chairs

In this design, you can update the light oak table and restaurant chairs with an exposed bulb chandelier. You can also choose modern black chairs and a modern lampshade design for the chandelier instead of a rug which is an ultra-modern and simple option. Black and other metals are repeated in different restaurant areas, supporting this transitional farmhouse design.

You can also use a new blue rug in this space along with trendy black stools. Your restaurant’s dining area is transitional as it is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional elements.

3. Modern restaurant chairs

The modern collection may consist of modern graphics, paintings, mid-century restaurant chairs, and traditional light fixtures with modern bulbs- This is an excellent example of how changing just a few pieces of furniture can bring a fresh, modern feel to a restaurant.

Rustic Dining restaurant chairs: Tips

  1. Use mason jars as vases and drinkware.
  2. Arrange the food on round white plates to look attractive.
  3. Place a glass water container on the counter.
  4. Place linen napkins on each table.
  5. Serve a sprig of rosemary on a linen napkin and give a nice touch.
  6. Make place cards so your customers do not have to guess where they are sitting.
  7. Use attractive paper placemats instead of regular placemats.
  8. Fill the vase with low white flowers so everyone on the chair can see each other.
  9. Mix and match cutlery, glasses, and server items to create a relaxed atmosphere, but stick to a consistent theme.

Rustic restaurant interiors

Rustic Dining Restaurant: Decorating Ideas

Making your dining table look beautiful can transform your dining experience and make you feel like you’re eating at an expensive restaurant or fancy coffee shop.


Money plants, ferns, and other small plants can bring freshness and vibrancy to your restaurant chairs and tables. It is always better to place them on a tray or attractive rug. Trays made of clay, marble, or wood are all excellent choices. Vases made of glass, clay, or solid materials are ideal for storing flowers. Colors can be mixed and matched or embellished. You can also use artificial flowers and plants as an alternative.


Candles in candle holders are a beautiful addition to rustic restaurant chairs and table decor. Depending on your preference, you can choose from thick, chunky, thin, colored, metallic, or white candles. It also makes an excellent weekend occasion to share a romantic candlelit meal with your loved ones.


A stack of beautiful coasters is a decorative element for rustic restaurant chairs and tables and protects from water or beverage stains. You can choose contemporary options such as wood or beads or classic options such as embellishments or leather.

Salt and pepper shakers

Buy stylish salt and pepper shakers that complement your restaurant chairs’ decor. The most common types are metal, wood, and glass holders.

Vinegar with olive oil

Use beautiful bottles of olive oil and vinegar from the market to give rustic restaurant chairs an elegant Italian restaurant look. It makes adding to a salad or sandwich easy and gives your restaurant table a unique look.

Placemats, napkins, and napkin rings

Choose coordinating napkin holders and placemats, making your dining area look chic and elegant while giving you a traditional dining experience. Accessorize with beading, pearls, metallics, and monochromatic tones for a classic style. Choose materials for restaurant chairs like cotton, linen, or wood for a rustic dining area.

The runner

Table runners are another choice to make your table look more attractive. Adding a beautiful runner to your table makes it more elegant and sophisticated. When choosing runners, choose something that hangs at either end of the table for a regal impression. If your restaurant chairs and tables are made of wood, colored runners are a great choice; However, metal and nudes are better for glass table tops.

To anchor your space, use dark decor

While the dark decor may seem risky for any restaurant, it can still look attractive in your dining area. Invest in some elegant black restaurant chairs and see how it transforms your restaurant. If the rest of the space is already dark and cozy, this decorating decision will make your restaurant feel more spacious.

With these decorating ideas, you can completely transform the dining experience at your restaurant.

Rustic cafe chairs

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