Proxies in Brazil

In this article, we will talk about where to find a reliable provider and how important the provider is when choosing a proxy. Also, we will mention how to find a Brazil proxy and what the difference is between a proxy and a VPN.

If you are not in the mood to read the article, you can simply follow the link provided and try to learn everything yourself. Enjoy reading!


Where to find the best Brazil proxies

According to Freedom House, a non-government organization that researches different political and civil liberties, Brazil got 63 out of 100 points for Internet freedom. It is described as Partly Free. This is a pretty good result! But still, many may be dissatisfied with various restrictions and insufficient anonymity.

Also, according to Freedom House reports, some residents have been arrested for their positions or activities on the Internet, which in freer countries would not cause problems with the law. That is why many are looking for an opportunity to protect themselves and bypass blocking.

Some want to access sites that are only available in Brazil and cannot be accessed from another country. Regardless of the reason, there is one reliable solution that can help you, and its name is a proxy. And a lot depends on the choice of a reliable proxy provider – not only how comfortable it will be for you to use the selected proxy, but also how secure it is. It was pretty common for unverified providers to defraud their customers in various ways.

Therefore, a lot depends on the choice of a quality proxy provider. It is worth paying attention to some criteria when choosing a proxy provider:

  1. Availability. Consider what this provider can offer you. What types of proxies are available, their location, and various packages with services for different amounts, from more affordable to more expensive?
  2. Protection. Does this provider protect the data of its users well enough, and is the protection of transactions sufficient?
  3. Awards. Although this item is optional, the presence of awards from respectable forums, organizations, and sites can serve as an additional sign of quality.
  4. Reputation. Reputation in this matter means a lot. Having screwed up once badly, the proxy provider runs the risk of losing its entire reputation and a huge number of users, and, consequently, income. Try to find news about this provider – did it deceive its users, were there user data leaks and other hacks, and so on? It is best to start with this point when choosing a provider, but it’s up to you.
  5. Used and available technologies. Pay attention to what servers this provider uses, and what connection technologies are available — the newer and more stable, the better.

Other criteria can be distinguished, but the list provided above includes the main criteria. We will also save you time and tell you about one of the best proxy providers –

Let’s talk about the advantages of this provider:

  • availability of different packages of proxy services for different prices, both for PC/laptops and mobile phones;
  • the ability to create a personal plan with the help of a support service, the price and services included in the package will be selected individually;
  • you can access proxies from almost anywhere in the world (Except Texas, USA, due to state laws);
  • you can be connected to the proxy for as long as you want, this is achieved thanks to SOAX rotating technology;
  • the support team will be ready to help and answer your questions 24/7;
  • proxies are compatible with almost all well-known SEO tools, in case it’s important to you.

In case you need Brazilian IP proxies (maybe you want to access sites available only there), residential proxies will help you. To put it as simply as possible, some providers give their addresses, and proxy providers sell them to you. When buying and using a residential proxy, you are almost completely disguised as a new IP.

For example, you live in Canada. You buy a residential proxy in Brazil. After connecting, almost all sites will think that you live in Brazil. It is extremely difficult to get around such a “disguise”. But still, some sites will be able to understand that you are actually in Canada.


Is a VPN better than a proxy?

In fact, in most cases they perform the same task – they provide some degree of anonymity and allow you to bypass blocking or improve traffic. VPN – Virtual Private Network – is essentially an encrypted virtual tunnel that transfers data between a host server and your device. When using a quality VPN, everything you do online, from checking bank statements to playing online games, will not be visible to anyone except the VPN host server. But be careful – if VPN keeps activity logs, then your actions can be recorded, copied, and used by interested parties.

Of course, not all VPN providers do this, but there is always a chance.

A VPN is better than a proxy in many ways, especially in terms of security and anonymity. The main disadvantage of VPN is its price – with conditionally the same quality of VPN and Proxy, VPN will cost several times more. Also, proxies are much easier to use for businesses. For example, you can connect your entire enterprise, school, or institution to a separate proxy and thus either bypass blocks and restrictions or introduce your own. It will also allow you to control traffic and keep track of what your employees are doing at work.

If almost complete anonymity, good security, and you are willing to put up with prices are extremely important to you, you are better off choosing a VPN. If you are ready for high, but not absolute anonymity and security, while the price will be lower, or you want to connect your enterprise to a separate server, a proxy will suit you. Regardless of your choice, SOAX will provide you with quality services at affordable prices. We wish you anonymity and security on the Internet!