How To Attract More Web Design Clients

With the internet, the world is smaller than it has ever been. In many regards, the world wide web has had a hugely positive effect on humanity. I mean you can access any information needed with just a few swipes or clicks. However, this amount of information can seem overwhelming.

Many creative jobs can now be done online from the comfort of your home. For example, copywriters, graphic designers and web designers are all online creative jobs that are prominently done from home nowadays. For those working these jobs, the real task is often not their creative job at hand. The more difficult task is attracting clients to recruit them for work.

Web design project
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No other industry has been hit as hard as web designers. With the rise of CMSs like WordPress many people can simply design their very own website without any help. For web designers attracting clients has become somewhat of an uphill battle. So today, we will look at how to attract more web design clients.

Portfolio Website

As we have already established, web design is a creative job. So having an online portfolio is a great way to let potential clients get an idea of your work. There are a multitude of custom portfolio websites that will allow you to create a professional-looking portfolio cheaply and easily.

Samples of your past work are best to share in your portfolio. You could also share information like the niches you specialize in, the web design software you use or even some stories and inspirations that are behind your designs. Another great idea for a portfolio website is to include some client testimonials. This should help to build trust with your customer base.

By having a portfolio website you can also take advantage of SEO. By utilizing search engine optimization practices your portfolio websites will bring in clients while you sit back and work on other web design projects.

Social Media

Every business on planet earth is using social media to promote its goods and services now. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the local grocery store or Amazon, every company is using social media to their advantage. If you are not already, using social media to promote your web design can be extremely beneficial.

By having a social media presence future clients are far more likely to be aware of your work and what you do. In short, social media gets the word out there.

Be smart and choose the social media networks your target clients use. Look into the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Select a couple that not only suit you but choose the socials that are targeted at your web design demographic.

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Freelance Marketplaces

Freelancing marketplaces are online creative workers’ best friends. Much like social media, if you are a web designer and not utilizing these kinds of sites you are missing out.

Websites such as Upwork, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour all have potential clients looking for web design workers. There are a number of website design companies who utilize Upwork to win clients. Sites like Upwork allow web designers to be hired by people all over the world. There are new jobs available daily and new clients looking to get work done every day.

These freelance marketplaces allow you to charge the rates you deserve and work with clients who value your work. These freelance marketplaces take the hard work of finding clients out of your hands by bringing the clients directly to you. When it comes to attracting web design clients freelance marketplaces are some of the best sites to be online.

Cold E-Mail

Sending a cold email can be a great way of getting in touch with a potential client who may have been unaware of your services. However, there are some tips to make sure you don’t come across as annoying to your target clientele.

The email should be well crafted. Be sure to include only the relevant details for potential clients. Make sure it is well structured and well designed also.

Try to connect with the potential client before sending the email. This could be through social media or at a networking event. It will help hugely with trust if they have interacted with you before.

And once all that is done don’t be afraid to follow up. In the business world schedules can be hectic. The recipients of your cold emails really could have been just busy. Feel free to follow up a few days later. This follow-up can be often welcomed as reminders due to busy schedules. You could even automate the entire process if you’re feeling especially lazy.


Getting out into the world and meeting new people is a great way of meeting potential clients. Networking also allows you to build deeper connections and gain deeper trust with clients.

There are networking events regularly in many areas. Keep an eye on what is going on in your community and get out there. Things like industry events and meetups are a great way to allow clients to see your work. Also, you never know who knows who. One client may go and tell another client and that chain can go on for quite some time.

Getting out and meeting people face-to-face is a tried and true way of attracting web design clients.

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To Sum Up

There are five solid tips on how to attract more web design clients. If anything, one thing all these tips have in common is to be active. Whether you are out face-to-face meeting potential clients or online presenting your service the trick is to be active. A service like a web design needs to be promoted and explained to clients. If you remain silent then nobody will see your work.

It is all about getting yourself out there so your web design clients can see what you have to offer.