Different Kinds of Storefront Doors to Explore in 2023

When it comes to building up the front of your store, you need to think about the door.

For some businesses, doors act as a place to advertise the goods and services inside the store, and they may actually have been chosen to be part of the brand of the store. So, if you have a brand that you want to showcase on the front of your shop, then the right kind of door is essential.

Storefront metal doors
photo credit: Dmitriy / Pixabay

Moving forward, though, what are the different types of doors you can get for your storefront in 2023? Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular to help you choose the right one for your store.


OK, so starting with the option that will make most people go, ‘What? I don’t want a steel door on my shopfront,’ a steel door is an exceptional idea for most businesses. Why? When it comes to commercial storefront doors, steel doors are strong, require minimal maintenance, and will often be fire-safe. They aren’t always grey, shapeless, and seemingly characterless doors, and many of them can be molded and colored to whatever scheme you want. They will, however, require professional fitting.


Wooden doors are pretty, but you need to take care if you choose them for your store; lots of reinforcements will be needed.

Indeed, research has found that stores that have wooden doors at either the front or the back have a higher chance of being broken into. So, if you simply have to have that rustic wooden door, try to have a steel base for it. Yes, you can get wooden doors built up around steel, which is a clever go-between.

Wood can also succumb to rotting and insect damage, so make sure the wood is treated and varnished to keep your shop looking good.


Glass is a very trendy option for a storefront door in 2023, and don’t panic! It’s not the kind that can be shattered!

The glass that is used for storefront doors and windows is either tempered or laminated glass. This is for two reasons: the first is to prevent the store from being broken into, and the second is for safety reasons. Glass will add a more modern vibe to your store and, as mentioned earlier, can make a great place for you to put advertisements about the store without it looking overly cluttered or odd.

Classic storefront door


Aluminum is rarely the only material used in a storefront door. In most cases, the aluminum will make the edge of the door, and the middle will have tempered glass- this is most commonly seen in hair salons, for some reason!

Aluminum reinforces the strength of the door and also allows you space to install locks if needed. Much like the steel doors mentioned earlier, the aluminum can also be color-coded to match the theme and brand of your store, making the storefront look more uniform. So, this can be a fun material to try for a more modern look for any store while also upping the safety measures.