Leading the Charge in Employer Defense: Lerner & Weiss’ Impact in LA

Leading the Charge in Employer Defense: Lerner & Weiss’ Impact in LA

Lerner and Weiss’ client-centric approach to employer representation makes their employer defense attorneys stand out in Los Angeles. 

As a business leader, when it comes to choosing an employer defense attorney, it is important to make a decision based on that, which emphasizes the care and attention put towards your case. This can allow for the seamless continuation of business activities if potential legal concerns or disputes arise.

Unfortunately, in a city like Los Angeles, it can be difficult to find employer defense attorneys taking personalized and hands-on approaches to representation. Luckily for businesses of Los Angeles, Lerner and Weiss stands out as an expert employer defense law firm going above and beyond for its clients. Here’s a closer look at what sets Lerner and Weiss’ employer defense attorneys apart from the rest.

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“A Professional Corporation Fighting with Steadfast Intention”

Lerner and Weiss has been providing decades of expert representation in matters ranging from preparing employment documents to defending employers against state and federal violations.

Lerner and Weiss goes out of its way to differentiate itself from most Los Angeles law firms, which are known for their large caseloads and a one-size-fits-all approach to representation. At Lerner and Weiss, the team of employer defense attorneys will treat you like a business partner, taking on each case with the goal of promoting client prosperity. Lerner and Weiss offer nearly 70 years of combined experience providing personalized and attentive counsel to successfully secure its clients’ best interests.

Lerner and Weiss’ founder Leonard Lerner is a renowned business and employer defense attorney with extensive legal knowledge and 43 years of experience.

Partner Michael Weiss has become an invaluable asset to startups and multinational corporations alike for his expertise in negotiating and reviewing a variety of contracts and agreements such as employment contracts, leases, and construction contracts.

Leonard Lerner is licensed to practice in all courts throughout California and Michael Weiss is licensed throughout California, Arizona, and Illinois. Since its founding in Woodland Hills California, Lerner and Weiss has established an office in San Diego and currently serves clients throughout San Diego County, Ventura County, Orange County, and the Los Angeles greater area.

Unlike most employer defense attorneys, Lerner and Weiss never over-promise and under-deliver. The partners at Lerner and Weiss aren’t out to waste their client’s time or money, and won’t sugar-coat your legal prospects or take on a case that they know they cannot win.

Leonard Lerner and Michael Weiss extensively analyze each case they take on, developing an individualized defense strategy and maintaining an open line of communication with their clients so that they can continue “business as usual”.

All of the employer defense attorneys at Lerner and Weiss have an expert understanding of state and federal employment laws and will aid clients in auditing their own practices such as wage and hour policies to ensure practices are fair and stand up to court and agency scrutiny.

While highly skilled in litigation, Lerner and Weiss’ honed negotiation skills safeguard their client’s business interests and often allow for the swift resolution of legal matters outside of court.

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In the cutthroat world of business, something as seemingly harmless as a miswritten contract or slip of the tongue can result in lengthy litigation and an irreparable reputation. For security when dealing with the intricacies and complexities of business and employment law, it’s important to refer to the experts.

With a steadfast dedication and a client-centric approach to representation, Lerner and Weiss continue to provide leading business and employer defense throughout California. Whether you’re facing litigation from an employee, drafting a business document, or protecting yourself from wage theft allegations, rest assured knowing that Lerner and Weiss has all of your business and employment law concerns covered.

For the help of a renowned employer defense attorney, contact Lerner and Weiss at 818-986-0893 for the Woodland Hills office and 619-577-4871 for the San Diego Office.


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