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Online Business Ideas for Creating a Plan B for $0

I’m constantly on the hunt for a plan B that I can implement to create future wealth. In fact, in my case “future wealth” translates to the ability to afford… Read more »
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The Essentials for a Successful Businessman

Having a business idea is only the beginning, along with it you also require planning, dedication and perseverance. Most businesses get bankrupt before they actually start generating the anticipated revenue.… Read more »

6 Ways How You Can Offer Global Customer Support

The marketplace has gone global. Everyone is scrambling to get a piece of the international pie. If you want your company to succeed, you’re going to have to do better… Read more »

Web Development Tips for your Business Startup From 9 Expert Entrepreneurs

Web and app development can be a complicated business – so why not take some tips from those who have made a success of it? While there are no hard… Read more »

How to Excel at Self-promotion for Success as an Entrepreneur

Blowing your own trumpet may not be something you find easy, but if you’re serious about being a successful entrepreneur, the importance of effective self-promotion should not be overlooked. Your… Read more »
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4 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages of Entrepreneurship

I’ll admit to having struggled with the idea of working for myself versus working for someone else for at least the last decade. Truth is, entrepreneurship has plenty of benefits,… Read more »
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How to Take Those First Steps Back from Vacation

We’ve all been there – where you return from a wonderful vacation only to become glum and overwhelmed on your initial return to your job and the real world. When… Read more »

3 Alternative Ways People Over 50 Can Finance a Startup

According to 2017 UK Office of National Statistics, a fifth of new businesses in Britain have over 55s at the helm. Some entrepreneurs in this age group have substantial savings… Read more »
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7 Basic Skills Entrepreneurs Needs to Master

2018 is predicted to be a fantastic year for entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors. Between the increase in investment opportunities and the rise of the gig economy, entrepreneurs will… Read more »

Big Mistakes Made by Failed Startups

I’m not going to bore you with the 8 or 9 out of 10 startups fail in the first year kinda dogma that’s been spouted forever. This is a reality… Read more »