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10 Online Business Ideas that Can Give You More Than 1000 Percent Return on Investment

High ROI businessAs you, Noobpreneur Business Blog readers and followers, might already knew, I threw myself into make money online arena about a year ago, with little knowledge of online money making methods, website or blog building, and Internet marketing.

I still learn hard today, even harder than I was one year ago, but during my online business trial-and-error journey, I found dozens of doable online business idea that you and I can start with minimum capital and maximum return.

10 online business ideas with more than 1000 percent return on investment

You can build an asset in the form of web properties and online businesses with minimal investment (some with zero, zit, zip, nada investment) that can make you 10 times or more of initial investment – either capital gain or monthly cash flow.

Yes, 1000% ROI – not only for capital gain when you sell your web properties, but also for monthly cash flow – that’s 10 times ROI monthly!

To get you started (and revved-up), here are my top 10 online business ideas from my observation and own experience:

  1. Website or blog flipping business
    Yes – just like in real estate, you can flip websites or blogs. The typical is to buy low, renovate, and sell high, but you can definitely go as a broker – you sell someone’s website to others and receive a commision: Wait, that’s even more than 10 times ROI! ;)
  2. Website building business
    The conventional – you build a website for a client with $10 in domain name, $50 in web hosting, your time and creativity. Your client could pay you anywhere from $200 to $2000. Um, yes $200 is not 10 times, but what if you host your client’s website in your own reseller account? Think about it…
  3. Create a startup web business, sell it on online marketplace
    Also the conventional, with a twist – you outsource to your partners for $30, sell your website or blog for $300.
  4. Create an established web business, sell it on online marketplace
    The classic money maker – Create a site with good concept, outsource to your partners, market the website, make some profit, and sell it for a higher sum of money. From the $30 case on #3 idea, you could even get more than $1000 if you delay gratification ;)
  5. Web hosting reselling business
    A bit saturated market, web hosting business is still offering something today. You can purchase a $25/month reseller hosting, such as HostGator, create hosting plans, that can give you 50 space to rent. Times that with $5, you will get $250/month – That’s 10 times operating cost, monthly.
  6. Review sites
    You can review almost about everything – web hosting, credit cards, health products,etc. – But first, you should join the available affiliate programs or networks to be able to market them. You should choose high-paying niche, such as web hosting and credit cards that could pay you more than $50 per lead, but beware of the stiff competition.
  7. Content writing business
    Content quality is more and more important today, as it can help your web business rank better, visited more and eventually make more money. Article writing can be outsourced for as low as $2, and be sold for $20 per article.
  8. Membership sites
    If you have relevant expertise in your niche, you should definitely think to build a membership site. It is basically a site that offer “insider information” or online training for paying members. A successful membership site can makes thousands of dollar a month with only a several hundreds of dollars in operating cost.
  9. Blog network
    This is not easy to do, but doing it right can make you considerable amount of money. Consider this – if you manage a 50 blogs network right and attract the right kind of advertising, you could easily make hundreds of dollar monthly cash flow, each blog.
  10. Niche, even odd, sites
    Selling bird cages online can make you thousands of dollar per month? You bet! A card collecting marketplace site can make thousands of dollar per month with only several hundreds of dollar operation cost? Sure! Going niche can make you successful business – just don’t go too far on the business idea :)

So, there’s there. My top 10 online business ideas to “burn” you with enthusiasm and optimism that make money online and build online businesses are very much possible.

Ivan Widjaya
I build online business and own web properties – are you?
Image by Marco Gomes.

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Ivan Widjaya
Ivan Widjaya 2598 posts

Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.

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  • Dhilip

    I want to talk to u….I feel better to discuss about the business through the way of calling….How to contact u?

  • Mukesh,

    Patience is virtue, my friend! I have to work hard and wait for 3 years before yielding anything from my online business. Good point!

  • Well, what I think is, to get a 1000 percent return on most of these ideas, one will have to keep on working hard and wait for the time… will really test one’s patience!

  • Suzanne,

    You are correct – $2 article would probably give you headaches. What I should add to this article is the fact that the outsourced article should be edited and updated accordingly. Your articles are on higher-end of the spectrum – yours will be the best fit for premium clients; it all depends on the market you target :)

  • I’m sorry, but I have to say that the quality of an article outsourced for $2 is pretty low. I know because I’ve looked at some of their work. I sell my articles for $30 or more.

  • Cheers, Ann – good luck in your turning your online business idea into a success!

  • Sam


    I am trying to start an online business that is directed mainly for selling T-shirt, however i am not to sure how to locate an oversea manufacturer that will produce the shirts for me and also package the mechandise.

  • Ann

    Thanks for the info.

    Am in the process of deciding which online business to take.
    Found your ideas very helpful and informative.

  • sudhakar,


  • sudhakar

    Thanks dude. you are encouraging guys like me from India.

  • Pearson,

    You know what, you are right – writing ebooks almost costs you nothing (except if you hire a ghost writer) and when they become big hits, you’ll get many times over your investment.

    Thanks for your idea!

  • Udderly,

    Try using ad networks, e.g. Google AdWords. Another way is to try rank high on search engine on your main keyword via SEO/link building – the aim is to get targeted traffic that actually buys from your online business.

    I hope this helps…

  • trying to get online all natural goat milk soaps and lotion business going hard getting customers to the site any help.

  • HomeList,

    Yeah – I understand what you mean. Some of those “experts” are in fact as clueless as we are, except they have the knowledge earlier than us :) In fact, some “experts” are allegedly taking content from forums, repackage them, and sell them as a “make 10,000/day” opportunity.

    Some other group of experts do understand what they are talking about – they preach what they have successfully done in making money online. I trust those group of experts.

    Nevertheless, I personally think that the bubble is not really gonna burst – as long as there are new people who are looking for “fast ways” to make riches online, such “experts” will always exists and do business well. That’s life, I suppose…

    Thanks for sharing your thought!

  • I feel like there’s just way too many people making money by teaching people how to make money. It’s like a giant pyramid scheme, or rather a web 2.0 bubble. Mark my words, all these online businesses that do nothing but tell you how to make money are going to burst pretty soon.

  • Ev

    I have been an online business entrepreneur for over 8 years now. I have 4 niche websites that make me a nice income and it is fun work too. I have written extensively on how do an online business on my blog –

  • Leon,

    Joomla is cool – there are plenty of free classified ads scripts on the web today, not only for Joomla but also for WordPress and stand-alone script.

  • Leon Caparoz


    Found your site and i am planning to do online business too.
    What about Free Classified Ads using Joomla? Need your advise.


  • Vic

    Great business ideas and tips. Yes, those ten ideas can be possible even more than 1,000 percent. The market is still deep and wide to explore. I’m sure there will always be great niches that are untapped, and will give us substantial income.

  • Daniel,

    LOL – that’s sad but true. I was also fallen for such. I’ve purchased ebooks that seems great but in reality, you can get the material for free from the Internet, easily. How’s that for common sense :)

    Indeed, there is a group of people getting rich making money online by selling a well-packaged so-so advices.

  • Daniel

    You forgot “Make a website where you promise to easily make people rich with some secret money making system”. As you know. People are suckers for that. You give them common sense advise and show them fake success stories. Photoshop yourself on a yacht or in front of a big house. Or, make how to get rich business sites… ahem!

  • That’s wonderful! :)

  • Webserba,

    Indeed :) Where are you from?

  • webserba

    Hi Ivan, your name sounds very familiar to me !

    I bet you’re from Indonesia, is that right ?

    Keep posting and good luck !

  • Cheers!

  • Thanks for the info it was really helpful.

  • Cheers for the kind words!

  • Very informative! Great post!

  • Hi Jen,

    Thanks – ‘can’t wait for your next visit to :)

  • Jennifer R.

    Great site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds also, Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Wow – that’s good to know… Indeed, choosing the right niche is probably the most important step in any online businesses.

  • mysaleguide


    My ebay auction still alive and making money even in recession. Sell necessity goods will never affected with economic slowdown. Demands are still there.. The most important is choose the right niche..


  • Hi mysaleguide,

    Ebay biz is an excellent business – I wish I could learn it a couple of years ago. How’s ebay businesses today?

  • mysaleguide

    Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. You not just helping newbies, but you reminded the gurus on the idea they might forgot. Well i saw you are focus on creating web/blog. Unlike me, I focus on ebay and created a 1,2,3 steps to ebay, a business without website.

    Thanks again for your valuable info


  • Hi,

    Thanks :) ‘Glad you like it…

  • I found your 10 online business ideas, helpful for newbies. It’s direct to the point and simple to understand. Keep this coming!