10 Online Business Ideas that Can Give You More Than 1000 Percent Return on Investment

High ROI businessAs you, Noobpreneur Business Blog readers and followers, might already knew, I threw myself into make money online arena about a year ago, with little knowledge of online money making methods, website or blog building, and Internet marketing.

I still learn hard today, even harder than I was one year ago, but during my online business trial-and-error journey, I found dozens of doable online business idea that you and I can start with minimum capital and maximum return.

10 online business ideas with more than 1000 percent return on investment

You can build an asset in the form of web properties and online businesses with minimal investment (some with zero, zit, zip, nada investment) that can make you 10 times or more of initial investment – either capital gain or monthly cash flow.

Yes, 1000% ROI – not only for capital gain when you sell your web properties, but also for monthly cash flow – that’s 10 times ROI monthly!

To get you started (and revved-up), here are my top 10 online business ideas from my observation and own experience:

  1. Website or blog flipping business
    Yes – just like in real estate, you can flip websites or blogs. The typical is to buy low, renovate, and sell high, but you can definitely go as a broker – you sell someone’s website to others and receive a commision: Wait, that’s even more than 10 times ROI! ;)
  2. Website building business
    The conventional – you build a website for a client with $10 in domain name, $50 in web hosting, your time and creativity. Your client could pay you anywhere from $200 to $2000. Um, yes $200 is not 10 times, but what if you host your client’s website in your own reseller account? Think about it…
  3. Create a startup web business, sell it on online marketplace
    Also the conventional, with a twist – you outsource to your partners for $30, sell your website or blog for $300.
  4. Create an established web business, sell it on online marketplace
    The classic money maker – Create a site with good concept, outsource to your partners, market the website, make some profit, and sell it for a higher sum of money. From the $30 case on #3 idea, you could even get more than $1000 if you delay gratification ;)
  5. Web hosting reselling business
    A bit saturated market, web hosting business is still offering something today. You can purchase a $25/month reseller hosting, such as HostGator, create hosting plans, that can give you 50 space to rent. Times that with $5, you will get $250/month – That’s 10 times operating cost, monthly.
  6. Review sites
    You can review almost about everything – web hosting, credit cards, health products,etc. – But first, you should join the available affiliate programs or networks to be able to market them. You should choose high-paying niche, such as web hosting and credit cards that could pay you more than $50 per lead, but beware of the stiff competition.
  7. Content writing business
    Content quality is more and more important today, as it can help your web business rank better, visited more and eventually make more money. Article writing can be outsourced for as low as $2, and be sold for $20 per article.
  8. Membership sites
    If you have relevant expertise in your niche, you should definitely think to build a membership site. It is basically a site that offer “insider information” or online training for paying members. A successful membership site can makes thousands of dollar a month with only a several hundreds of dollars in operating cost.
  9. Blog network
    This is not easy to do, but doing it right can make you considerable amount of money. Consider this – if you manage a 50 blogs network right and attract the right kind of advertising, you could easily make hundreds of dollar monthly cash flow, each blog.
  10. Niche, even odd, sites
    Selling bird cages online can make you thousands of dollar per month? You bet! A card collecting marketplace site can make thousands of dollar per month with only several hundreds of dollar operation cost? Sure! Going niche can make you successful business – just don’t go too far on the business idea :)

So, there’s there. My top 10 online business ideas to “burn” you with enthusiasm and optimism that make money online and build online businesses are very much possible.

Ivan Widjaya
I build online business and own web properties – are you?
Image by Marco Gomes.