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The Best Way to Buy a Business

buy a business

Buy a business

Mitch Biggs  is a Featured Business & Finance Contributor to Associated Content.   This is a reprint of a published article.

The perfect business for you is probably not officially on the market. If you are serious about acquiring a business you should strongly consider retaining a business broker to represent your interest on the buy side. How does buy-side brokering work? Buy Side Business Brokerage is when a qualified buyer decides to allow a professional find companies that meet their buying criteria. The broker and the buyer enter a contract whereby the buyer pays the commission rather than the seller. Most buy side brokerage agreements will also include a retainer fee for the business broker.

The buyer and the broker discuss the attributes the business should have. Examples of these attributes are:

1. Geographic Location

2. Price Range

3. Industry

4. Life cycle of the business

5. Buyer’s role after acquisition

Once the opportunity has been defined properly, the business broker can then seek out companies that are not yet on the market. Informing business owners that all commissions are paid by the buyer open a lot of doors. The business broker meticulously searches companies and reports back monthly to the buyer with results of the search and potential candidates.

Although retainer fees are typically not refundable, it is a recommended best practice to ask the business broker to subtract the retainer fee from the commission during closing. A good business broker will aggressively find a business for the buyer that has retained their services. In fact, finding a business for the buyer is the last thing the broker thinks about before they go to sleep and the first thing they think of when they wake up.

There is no reason to spend hours sorting through online sites for a viable business. Hire a professional business broker to go find the perfect business for you before it is officially listed on the market.

Business brokers have an extensive network of contacts, they can personally target companies that meet the buyer’s criteria and use an effective target mail marketing program that will get the attention of the decision makers.

The best way to buy a business is to hire a personal shopper. Once a month you simply review the portfolio of companies that meet your criteria. By giving the keys to a business broker with a buy-side agreement, you will unlock doors that you did not realize would open. In the long run it will save time, money and transform a frustrating experience into a very lucrative endeavor.

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Mitch Biggs
Mitch Biggs 20 posts

Mitch Biggs, the Vice President of Brokers for Bluestone Group, is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and an accomplished F-15 fighter pilot. He has over 20 years experience working with and for both public and private companies. His core beliefs of integrity, commitment, community service, personal ownership of three businesses as well as over 10 years with a Fortune 200 company have been instrumental in his ability to lead the brokerage team and deliver exceptional results.

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  • Great and very informative tips, having a broker is really needed when it’s your 1st time handling a business or with no experience, of course research and dedication for your business will help a lot also.

  • Simon Duck | Profit Duck

    Some nice tips and an interesting read Mitch. Getting a broker is a must, especially if you have no previous experience, you have to try and eliminate all risk (you can’t eliminate all, but you can reduce it substantially) when spending money.