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Teenpreneur Success Story: 16-year-old William LeGate, Top Apple App Developer and a Business Owner

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Entrepreneurship is about a mixture of imagination and guts to turn idea into a successful business. And yes, age often doesn’t really matter in entrepreneurship, as long as you have the mixture right.

I am inspired by the story of William LeGate. Just in case you didn’t know him – William LeGate, probably can be dubbed as “the next Bill Gates” or “the next Mark Zuckerberg,” is a 16-year-old teenpreneur who turns his rare talent related to computers and his love for video games into a successful business.

Meet William LeGate, a 16-year-old teenpreneur who launched very successful iPhone apps

Are you familiar with Apple App Store? Well, William LeGate is the developer of some popular iPhone Apps, such as Fake-A-Text that was featured in the New York Times – at the age of 14.

You might also be stumble on an iPhone App that is well-sought after and enjoy a truly overnight success, Game Giveaway – an iPhone App that rank second in Top 25 iPhone App, with 100,000 downloads in just 24 hours. For more details, you can read the press release.

Game Giveaway offers high quality games for free on daily basis to the app users. The “Giveaway of the Day” allows users to download the game and do as you like afterward. The app is developed by Imagination Research Labs, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company founded by LeGate.

Lessons learned

If you are interested to know, LeGate began to set network hubs at 11, started a blog at 12, an arbitrageur at 13 – buying iPods and iPhones, repair them, and sell them at higher price tags.

Many of you would think that LeGate’s talent is what driving his success. If you think so, I have to disagree with you. I am a firm believer that entrepreneurship can be taught.

Sure, there are some people who are blessed with entrepreneurial capabilities and extraordinary talent since they were born, but talent alone is not enough – until you use it for productive things, talent is merely a potential that won’t do any good when it’s not being treated properly.

What differs LeGate with his peers is the fact that he uses his resources effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, LeGate can make things happen, that are surely involving a certain level of risks and capitalising on “luck factors.”

Really, many can develop great Apple iPhone apps, but not many can get it on Top 25 iPhone App list like LeGate.

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Ivan Widjaya
Learning from William LeGate
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  • Spencer – that’s great! What do you think of him?

  • Bill,

    Thanks – fortunately, for the rest of us, talent is not as important as drive. Let’s take a look at basketball. There are plenty of talented ballers, but only a few succeed at the highest level – MJ and Chris Webber are both very talented, but MJ has the drive, while Chris, well, lacks determination.

  • Spencer Harden

    I know William we go to the same school :)

  • Bill Hamlet


    Nice write-up. I wish I had his talents and drive at the age of 16. I was a stock boy for K-Mart. Congrats to the you lad for developing a business and cool technologies at a young age. I suspect this wont be the last we hear of him.