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Four Helpful Mobile Apps for Businesses

mobile app for business

Go mobile

There are a limited number of hours in each day, and sometimes, business owners and employees feel those hours aren’t quite enough to complete all that needs to be done. Time- and effort-saving mobile apps help busy people stay on top of projects, on track with deadlines and in touch wherever they are.


Yammer is an intra-network app that joins people, divisions or departments within an organization. This app provides file sharing, company directories, a knowledge base, message or content tagging, enterprise microblogging, creation of groups, profiles, private messaging between individuals or groups, a complete set of administrative tools and excellent security.

Base the intranetwork from a business PC and provide access to mobile devices of key individuals and dissemination to your entire network or narrow it down to just a few individuals.

Yammer is free for businesses in the basic plan, so you save money as well as time and effort. Mobile conferencing, gathering feedback or project reports and status updates have never been easier. Even at $5 per user in the Gold plan—even without possible discount codes available, Yammer is one of the most cost-effective, inexpensive Intra-networking apps available.


Need information from your Google Analytics account? No longer do you need to contact the office for the information. No more do you have to stop and boot up your laptop. Get the information directly on your iPhone or iPad with AnalyticsApp.

This mobile app grants full access to all your analytics reports and data. Easier than accessing a browser, this app works whether you are on the road or at your desk. Check the data while you compile that report or the press release. Get up-to-the-minute information at the touch of a button.

Get Overview reports, visitor reports, and traffic and content reports. 55 reports available to you through your iOS device no matter what time of day, no matter what you’re doing, and no matter where you are. If you have your iPhone or iPad with you, so is your Analytics data.

Office Apps

Word processing, spreadsheets and file management are no longer in the sole auspices of desktop computers. There are several excellent office apps available for iOS devices, Android and other popular smart phone users.

One popular app for iOS devices is the Microsoft Office App. Consider receiver compatibility, and the Microsoft Office Suite is probably the program set used by most businesses.

One promising app for Android users is the SoftMaker Office app. Developers are working hard to finalize this product, and it’s in beta testing now, so keep eyes and ears open for its full launch.

Twitter Blog

While every business should have a Twitter account, you don’t actually need one to benefit from this app. Browse public tweets, monitor user attention trends and review note-worthy events. Sign into your Twitter account and tweet when your market is tweeting. Target geographical users near where you are. All these options and more are available with this handy social networking app for iPhones.

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