Business Apps Quick Launch: Here’s How Round Pegs Can Help You

Apps offer a streamlined yet powerful tool for gleaning important information from prospects and customers, and many companies find themselves looking for quick launch alternatives for creating and debuting apps.

One of the biggest problems here is money. The bottom line is that hiring a dedicated software development team to create a mobile app is costly, and it’s often not even the fastest solution.

Round Pegs app development

The key in the importance creating apps rests in MVP, or minimum viable product. MVP is a discovery tool that helps teams gain an understanding of what their customers want in terms of product development without actually developing the product fully. Apps are the best way to leverage MVP.

So, how can you get the benefits of MVP, create an app, and do it on a budget and fast?

The team at Round Pegs offers a one-stop shop for creating an app and launching it quickly. We’ve spent some time getting to know their platform and everything they have to offer, and we’re going to share some of the can’t-miss details of it all here.

Round Pegs was founded by a team of expert app developers who believe in the power of MVP, and using their proprietary strategies and methodologies, they have created an astounding track record of success for clients of various scales and scopes. Round Pegs has been featured in Startup Grind, Source Forge, Finovate, Cubo, and more, and they already have a long list of clients who’ve provided testimonials attesting to their commitment to customer care and their value packed services.

Anytime you go out searching for a company to help create an app, especially where MVP is concerned, there are a few things you might want to look for:

1. A dedicated support team

The support you receive along the way is going to define much of your outcome. You want an app that accurately reflects your company’s needs, and the right support team is going to help you through concept to rollout and beyond. That’s one of the things we enjoyed about working with Round Pegs. Their friendly and professional team answered every question and asked many of their own to ensure that the final product was perfect, and ongoing support was remarkable.

2. Ownership

Creating intangible products can get tricky in terms of ownership, so if you hire a company to do the job for you, then you should make sure that you will retain full rights at the end of the day. Round Pegs told us from the beginning that we would maintain 100%, complete ownership of the app after it was completed. For us, this is an assurance because we know their won’t be legal or financial issues stemming from the creation of the app. We won’t owe anything – we’re free and clear after we’ve paid for services rendered.

3. Price range

We’ll just jump in here and say that we were pleasantly surprised to find that Round Pegs offered a budget-friendly price for their services. Many app development companies are charging a fortune to create apps, and while it’s not going to be cheap anywhere you turn, Round Pegs makes it worth the investment. They offer great prices in comparison to the exceptional level of value they provide for their customers.

App development team

4. Free concept stage

Some app development companies roll your concept or planning stage into the cost of services, but one of the things we really liked about Round Pegs is that they offer a free planning stage. Their team works with you to create a blueprint for the app you need, and there’s no obligation to continue. If you aren’t interested, you can walk away, but if you do like what you see, you can choose to continue.

In addition to these things, we also thought it was worth mentioning that Round Pegs offers a completely remote working partnership, and during the current pandemic, this is a big selling point. It also helps keep costs down for customers. According to Round Pegs, one of their keys to success is using no to low code platforms, and that allows them to get apps ready for customers in mere days. They’ve smoothed out the process to be as streamlined as possible, further enhancing their ability to turnaround apps quickly.

If you’re looking for some way to create an app, and you’ve discovered that some solutions are just too time and cost consuming, then we encourage you to take a closer look at Round Pegs. They are offering a standout service that can really help you get the most from MVP as quickly as possible.