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Starting a New Business Online? 3 SEO Tips You Cannot Forget

seo tips

SEO tips for startup

As the power of the World Wide Web continues to grow and everyone on the globe becomes more familiar with it, the internet is becoming an even more attractive place to start a business or to take your existing business.

There are many ways to gain exposure for your company online, whether that is via your own website, social media, forums and the many other platforms out there. However, search engines are undoubtedly an incredible source of online exposure, with Google alone now processing over a billion search queries every day. If you want a portion of all those searchers and potential customers, then you need to ensure that your website is as search engine optimised as possible. Below are 3 tips to get the best results from SEO:

Provide Great Content

This is the old adage, but it’s only becoming more prevalent as Google gets better at identifying spam and highlighting truly quality sites in search results. Don’t just create a site which is “Sell, Sell, Sell”, produce great content around your sales sections which informs and entertains your audience as well. This will attract more links and social shares and will help Google see the importance of your site and drive more traffic to it.

Write Blog Posts for Prominent Industry Sites & Blogs

As well as providing great content on your own site, you need to head over to the other key online influencers in your niche and write great content for them too. When you are starting a new business, getting exposure can be one of the hardest tasks. By providing great content and useful information for other people you can get your name out into the community, as well as getting important links back to your website which will help it rank better in Google’s search results. This double benefit makes blog posting on others’ blogs a must for any new business.

Interact on Social Media

Google recently announced the “Search Plus Your World” feature which illustrated the influence that their social media platform, Google+, will have on search results. This effect is only going to increase in the coming weeks and months so it’s important from an SEO perspective that you interact on Google+ and other social media platforms as much as possible in order to benefit from their impact in search. As well as the SEO benefit, social media platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter are fantastic places to share the great content you have been producing (as advised above) which in turn can attract traffic and links.

Entrepreneurs are always pushed for time, with so many different commitments to juggle, but if you can incorporate the 3 tips above into your online strategy when you take your business online then you’ll be well on the way to SEO success!

About the Author: This post was written by Tom Mcloughlin, who works for SEO specialists The WebMarketing Group. Follow them on Twitter for more SEO tips that will help your new business in 2012.

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  • Noobpreneur

    Agreed, Jorge. Sure, there are many ways to create unique content. But when you write great content, like what you’ve said, you are establishing yourself as an expert.

  • Jorge

    Providing quality content is probably one of the best things you can do for your business. It establishes yourself as an expert in your market which people are absolutely hungry to find.

  • Noobpreneur

    Corporation Florida,

    Cool tips, liked the idea!

  • Corporation Florida

    Interaction with social media is good idea, but if you want to save money, i think the best way is to interact before you launch your web.
    For example: to make an application connoted with your new business, or to make a webpage with something what the most people are consistent. Like an idea.
    Example: my page will be about the new beer. Build your Facebook fan page with sentence:
    East meat, drink a beer, f*ck and do nothing :-)
    Sorry about my english :-)

  • Noobpreneur


    Agreed! I’ve proven it myself :)

  • Ken

    Great tips. Consistency in posting frequency is helpful as well.