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Why Social Media Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

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Today’s best and brightest entrepreneurs harness the full power of the web to expand their enterprises, meet new people, and stay informed. Perhaps the most important part of that devotion to the web lies in their social media presence, be it an active Twitter handle or a well-connected LinkedIn profile. With such a huge portion of the world on the web, why wouldn’t an entrepreneur take the opportunity to make their case to millions of potential customers, investors, and readers?

The fact of the matter is that entrepreneurs have no choice in the matter: if you want to be successful, you have to establish a strong social media connection with your clientele. I’d go as far to say that social media tools make you a better entrepreneur in the long run. Don’t believe me? Consider these points.

You’re constantly networking

An entrepreneur or young professional in a brick and mortar business has a limited number of options outside of the web. They can network among colleagues and other businesses at mixers and conferences, but there’s no way that they can make enough connections to keep pace with the lighting fast movement of the digital age. Meet and greets are great with establishing a face to face connection with another professional, but it’s not the only way to network.

The networking process has been streamlined to speedy efficiency on the web; online professional networks make it easy to connect with important people who you’d never have a chance meeting in real life. A simple click, a brief message, and you may have made connections with the person who could make your career. Why would you do it any other way?

You’re web savvy

In today’s business world, you have no choice but to express an enthusiasm for web technologies. The businesses that resist the trend to promote and/or sell their wares on the web have long since fallen by the wayside, replaced by those that gladly embrace social media networks and web marketing strategies as the future of entrepreneurialism. A Twitter account with a few hundred choice followers is a much more powerful tool for an entrepreneur than some business cards in the hands of a few clients. The web isn’t a trend, nor is it something to be ignored: it’s the way people do business now.

You’re on the lookout for the next best thing

The ubiquity of web based businesses makes it hard for any entrepreneur to be a maverick in their niche, but that shouldn’t discourage your from trying. Being on social and professional media networks makes it much easier for an entrepreneur to assess the landscape of their industry and client base. Anyone who is anyone in business has a social media presence, particularly those who are the best at what they do. It’s by following these select few business gurus that you can hope to stake your own claim in your profession. If you stay on top of trends and hot topics, you have a better chance of taking advantage of them before anyone else does.

About the Author: As one of the most knowledge bloggers on online business degrees, Amanda Watson knows a thing or two about small businesses and entrepreneurship on the web. She writes for many publications that discuss business education from an online perspective. Send her an email at

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