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Some Easy Tips to Make Sending Parcels Less Hassle!

Spending some time online doing a bit of research can often pay off big time, saving you both time and money in the long run. This is true in so many areas of life these days that a quick search online has become the very first thing many of us do before taking any other action. This also partly explains why we increasingly demand the very best services and expect the lowest prices for many things too; with such a wide array of options at our fingertips, picking out the best deal has become an art.

Whenever you’re sending parcels overseas you’ll probably be looking for a courier that can get the job done without charging you a premium and a little time online will reveal an almost endless list of potential services that fit the bill.

In the UK alone, Parcel2Go, Interparcel and ParcelHero (to name just a few) have each established reputations for outstanding value and reliability.

Here are a few easy tips that could help you find the best deal and service the next time you need a courier.

If you’re sending a package that contains only documents then it is going to be worth your time finding a courier that offers specifically discounted rates for these types of deliveries. Documents do not incur any customs charges when moving across borders and there are some couriers that will pass that saving on to you while others do not; finding a courier that does could reduce your costs significantly, particularly if you send on a regular basis.

If your parcel is not urgent then selecting an economy service is almost certainly going to be your preferred option. This might sound obvious but it is surprising how many people think an express delivery offers more than just a faster service.

Economy services typically take a day or two longer to arrive but beyond transit time you sacrifice nothing when selecting the economy option. A good courier should always strive to provide the best possible service no matter what delivery option you have chosen.

If the item you are sending is fragile you might want to consider taking out additional insurance with your courier. Be aware, though, that most international courier companies offer very clear guidelines on how to package your goods safely for transport. In the unlikely event of your parcel being damaged en route it is important to know that any insurance you have taken will only be valid if you have followed these packaging guidelines carefully.

There are lots of ways to get a parcel from A to B these days, no matter what your priorities are there is almost certainly a courier service out there that can meet your needs and budget without any fuss. Taking a little time to make sure you have everything sorted out before your parcel is collected should make life that little bit easier.

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