Modern Commercial Interiors: How to Fit Out Busy Offices

Spending some time thinking about your office interior can raise staff motivation and productivity (and your profits in the process); consider these ideas before you renovate:

Streamline your storage space

office storage design


Storage is one of the most important things in a busy office space. Your staff need to be able to find what they need straight away, and a messy office can be distracting, not to mention look disorganised and unprofessional if you welcome clients onto your office space. Try to find storage solutions that fit under desks, against walls, into cupboards, and so on.

Doors and drawers are great, as they can hide everything away and your office will still look neat and tidy even though it may have an extensive filing system in progress! Giving staff their own storage underneath desks or in a certain area is also important, and gives them a feeling of ownership of their place.

Think about lighting

office lighting design


You need office lighting to be even and comfortable – not too bright but not too dim. If your staff work on detailed documents at their desks, you might like to provide adjustable lamps on each desk so that they can adjust the light to their own personal preference.

Choose chairs carefully

office chair design


The wrong kind of chair can cause numerous posture problems, so you need to make sure that you choose a model which will give a good amount of support. Bar stools might look funky in a meeting area, but you need something much more substantial for everyday working. You may even want to give each staff member a budget and allow them to choose their own chair to make sure they’re comfortable!

Colour match your space

modern color scheme


Use your company’s colour to create a strong brand image throughout all commercial interiors that you will be using, particularly if you are welcoming clients in your offices. This could be as simple as choosing coloured cabinet doors, lamps or carpets, or you could use logos and artwork to decorate the walls. This will not only make your staff feel part of a cohesive and professional team, but will give an impression of efficiency to customers.

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