How to Make the Most of Your Office Space

Most businesses underestimate the importance of their office space, but there are many reasons why it should be carefully considered. Having a good office space can make your staff feel more motivated, impress your clients and improve the working environment. If your employees feel that they work in an office to be proud of then they will be happier in the work place.

Comfortable office space
photo credit: Max Touhey


If your staff generally spend between 5 and 9 hours of their time a day on a chair looking at a computer screen then you need to make sure that they are comfortable. You can do this by investing in items such as good quality chairs, computer monitor stands and air conditioning. Making sure your office is secure is also vital to your business.

Food and Drink

You will need a place for your employees to eat or buy food from, such as a clean and well equipped kitchen or canteen. There are also many sandwich shops that will deliver to businesses if the local area is a bit remote so it is worth contacting them and organising a list to be sent around. Having a clean and easily accessible water supply is also a must as a duty of care to your employee’s health.

Serviced Offices

Some companies offer ‘serviced offices’ to hire that come with their own personnel, dry cleaning services, food and drink and many other options for your company to explore. LEOhave office locations in different areas of London that provide these serviced office packages.

Clean and minimalist office interior design
photo credit: Favaro Junior

Office Interior

Your work space should be inspiring and also well branded for clients. The interior and exterior of your office can be a great way to market your business. Plants and wall decals can really brighten up an office space and a reception area is important. See some great examples here of offices that are inspiring and inviting.

The interior of your office will depend on the niche market you are in, if for example your company is a design agency then you will want to have a stylish and artistic décor. If however your business is in finance then it may be more important to have a professional look.

If you can make the most of your office space then your staff are likely to be more productive, resulting in any extra costs paying off in the grand scheme of things as employee satisfaction is integral to your company.