Unique Ways to Attract New Clients in 2014

Here in 2014, the ‘new business’ landscape looks dramatically different to the way it did ten years ago. All businesses rely on their clients for their custom, so if you’re struggling to attract those all-important new clients to your business, you might need to change up your approach. If that sounds like your company, listen in, as we present some of the most unique ways to win new clients here in 2014.

Attracting clients

Virtual and Non-Virtual Seminars

Business is becoming more and more of a collaborative affair, and this means that expressing what you do and how you do it to as many other people as possible is a great way to make new contacts. If you present your approach well enough, you’re likely to win over a percentage of your audience and convert them into paying clients.

You can host a seminar/event either at a specified real-world meeting place, or you could host an event online using a service like Google Hangouts. By doing this, you reduce your costs, and you can attract a wider audience to your event, as some people won’t be able to travel to a real world meeting place convenient to you.

Parties and Company Open Days

Another great way to attract new clients is to show how transparent you are as a business. There are a massive number of ways you can attempt this, but a straightforward one would be to open your business’s doors and invite people in to see how you operate.

Local people are bound to jump at the experience – particularly young people looking for work experience, and secondly, potential customers. By allowing them in, you set an example and demonstrate your expertise in your given field. Many people are bound to find this approach refreshing, and this could lead them converting into clients.

If you’d like to take this a step further, as well as inviting people to see how your business operates, you could host a party in your workspace. Companies like deWintons are capable of catering your work party to any specification, for any number of people. So, if you really want to show what you company is made of, this could be a great way to leave a good lasting impression.

Trials and Tribulations

A final way to win over clients in 2014, is to show exactly how you managed to turn problem clients around. When you’re trying to sell a service, you’re essentially trying to establish a need, and to plug the need with your product or service. Therefore, if you can demonstrate how good you are at delivering your service to clients that might be most troublesome, potential clients can see that you are capable at what you do, and that their business would be safe in your hands.

Ultimately then, there are quite a number of ways to attract clients to your business if you’re willing to try something new and scrap the processes you’ve been working with in the past. Of course, that fact that you’re reading about new strategies suggests you’re susceptible to change, so you’re on the right tracks.