Finding the Best Business Bank Accounts for You

If you are a small business owner looking to launch a start up or a beginner who is just testing the waters with a new product or service then finance could be one of your needs.   As a small business owner one of the first things you will need is to get the best bank account possible.   Here are some tips to help you in finding the best business bank accounts:

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A Bank That is Reliable and Supportive

It is important that you shop around and select a bank that is reliable and supportive and not one that offers you the most number of rills.   This is because your primary need will be efficient service rendered by a responsive banker.   The frills (all of them) you may or may not really need.  Establish a good relationship with your bank for your business needs.

Focus on Your Needs

Finding a bank that fits your needs is crucial.   While determining your needs remember to account for your current needs as well as those likely to come up in the future.   Taking a broad view of your future needs is important as those needs are likely to come up sooner if not later.   What are your needs?   A simple (a separate business checking account) or complex (a line of credit?

Meeting Your Loan Requirements

Majority of small business loans these days come from small community banks.   There are a number of affordable small business loans are available  at various banks and you need to shop around before you choose a bank.

Make Comparisons

Once you have clearly determined what you’re looking for in a bank, comparing what banks offer in your area and worldwide is fairly simple. Look for banks that specialize in what you need, visit their websites to carry out some preliminary research and then may be call them to request specific information.   Make your own excel sheet with information relating to additional services, interest rates and fee structures offered by various banks. Take time to make a list of questions so that you know exactly what information to seek.

Advisory Services

In case you don’t have a financial advisor who can help you with investments and cash flow management, you might want to consider a bank that offers those services. Some banks even help with collection of industry specific information, market surveys and support.


Once you are closer to selecting a bank, start paying close attention to the fees. Fee structures for business checking can be significantly different, often much higher than those assessed by a bank on a personal checking account. Certain banks may also charge small businesses for online banking services, while the same may be free for individuals.

As a potential customer, you have the right to ask for exactly what you need. Whether that is free online banking, loans, financial management advice or marketing support, it is important that you spell your needs out very clearly.   Some time and some smart thinking will help you zero in one some fantastic business bank accounts.

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