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Skill Sets and Jobs for Entrepreneurs

The number of business majors and entrepreneurs in college today has shown a significant increase. The shift in numbers likely has much to do with the way that the market is changing for work placement. Business majors are more likely to find successful job placement upon graduation than any other.

Not only young adults, teenagers today are showing interest in entrepreneurship. They work part-time in small businesses, especially during the summer break; they even work on a part-time business – such as a lemonade stand, for instance – to express their passion for entrepreneurship.

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Indeed, c For those seeking to be their own business owner and/or manager, finding the right set of skills and opportunities in any job is paramount.

Employers want to see a resume that demonstrates the candidate’s ability to show leadership, drive, and determination. Having work experience the directly relates to the business they are looking to get hired at is not necessary; however, having a resume that can show the employer that time at that job was worth the work increases chances of hiring.

There are five skills that can increase job placement for any entrepreneur:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving

It is important for any young entrepreneur to find a way to make every job demonstrate how these skills were used. Any job with the five main skills can be transformed into relevant work experience.

The following jobs are great ways to hone business skills and experience for any future entrepreneurs by doing side work. The jobs utilize all of the main five skills.

College Hunks Hauling Junk is a company that hires out teams of people to haul away junk. The business generally shows the highest profits in college towns. The flexibility and teamwork gives employees a solid foundation in four of the major five skills by making them learn to work together, communicate, manage time properly, and solve problems creatively. This is a great option for anyone who is physically fit, or looking to become so.

college hunks hauling junk

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Computer Troubleshooters is just as it sounds. For anyone who has a love for and knowledge of computers this job is a slam dunk. Employees can run their business from home and travel to local homes or businesses to help others with their computer problems. It works on all five of the major skills.

College Works Painting offers homeowners a chance to hire out college students to paint their homes. The students run the business themselves, possibly with other students or employees. It offers a chance to build solid skill sets while earning money to pay for college. College Works Painting is great for students of any major or interest.

Creative Tutors 4 Kids is a franchise that allows franchisees to work with kids of any age. The work gives franchisees an opportunity to build on the five major skills. It also looks good on a resume to let employers know you have worked with kids. Even making money at the job, it is still considered a form of community service by some businesses.

However the skill sets are utilized in the workplace, they should be a highlight to any job on a resume. Before starting up any business consider the risk management versus reward. It is important to understand priorities and projections of the potential business no matter what the start-up cost may be.

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