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Amber Hauptman writes for, a guide to help small businesses and consumers choose and compare online fax services for their needs through the most comprehensive comparison guide for email faxing services such as eFax Free Fax, MyFax, RingCentral and more. Amber also provides expertise information to entrepreneurs on the small business forum.


How to Block Junk Faxes with Online Fax

Stop spam faxes!As long as there have been desktop fax machines, unscrupulous telemarketers have sent unsolicited advertisements straight to business fax numbers without ever asking anyone to opt in. Besides… Read more »

Gmail for Business: Automatically Forward Email Faxes To The Correct Department

How To Forward Incoming Online Faxes to Different Departments Based On Sender Using Gmail Filter email fax messages with Gmail BusinessWhen setting up an online fax solution, many small businesses… Read more »

PayPal Gives Entrepreneurs Better Payment Options with PayPal Here

Paypal Here - a credit card reader for smartphones: More payment options for entrepreneursThe reports that PayPal is going to release the latest smartphone merchant processing credit card reader, PayPal… Read more »