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Ben Jones is a technology writer, particularly interested in how technology can help businesses large and small. He’s been assisting businesses in setting up cloud based IT services to a number of businesses around the south of England. Follow him on Twitter or .

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The Main Online Security Risks: People

You can keep your firewall up to date, the operating systems patched, applications updated and security protocols documented but users are always an Achilles heel to every system. image source… Read more »

Top Tools to Get the Best from Twitter

Twitter is the Marmite of social networks. Aptly described as “˜the nervous system of the internet’ by podcasting legend Leo LaPorte, it can take some time and effort to get… Read more »

The World of Twitter Tools

Twitter chatter can be fun yes, occasionally exhausting and, if you’re not careful, all-consuming. With the merry-go round of tweets never-ending, hours of your life can go by as you… Read more »

The Top 5 Reasons for Small Business to Embrace the Cloud

Image by Theeradech SaninCloud computing is the biggest enabler for any small business to not only establish itself, but also immediately compete with far larger rivals. Whether you’re using services… Read more »