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Black Friday 2015 Deals for Business: How Much Will you Spend This Year?

Hoverboards are banned in NYC. But that doesn’t stop the hype of it approaching the Black Friday 2015. Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the… Read more »
Personal Development

How Entrepreneurs Turn Negative Experiences Into Positive Lessons

Social psychology professor Roy F. Baumeister summed it up pretty well in the article “Bad Is Stronger Than Good.” In short, the article tells us that bad experiences and feedback… Read more »

Brand Storytelling: How to Use Knovio to Tell your Brand’s Story

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Knovio. All opinions are 100% mine. Today, I’d like to talk about brand storytelling and how my favorite tool,… Read more »
Personal Finance

The Importance of Personal Investment for Today’s Entrepreneurs

There are many financial challenges to entrepreneurship. Most of these are bound up in the daily operation of your business. It’s hard enough to turn a startup into a profitable… Read more »

How to Choose The Right Used Cars for your Business

Used cars make great business sense if you are bootstrapping your venture: Save money: You don’t have to buy an entire fleet of new cars for your business. Considering that… Read more »
Info Tech

How Costly is Poor Cybersecurity? (Infographic)

How serious are data breaches and viruses? If you asked this to a small business owner, most often than not, you’ll get “I don’t know; it won’t happen to me,… Read more »

Andrew Matthews, Spinach Solutions, Reveals The True Cost of Healthcare

With the global population aging, the amount of money nations spend on healthcare expenditures is also steadily increasing. Data released last year from the World Bank indicates that global healthcare… Read more »

How Important is It for Employees to Wear Branded Clothing?

What you’re expected to wear to work will certainly depend on the type of job you do. While those in the food preparation industry will usually be required to put… Read more »

How to Promote your New Business Offline

Every business has a website these days, right? But does every website get promoted offline? Probably not. Not every website may be suitable for promoting offline. Let’s say you have… Read more »

Reasons Real Estate Crowdfunding is Gaining Momentum as a Modern Option for Investors

Traditional real estate investing is characterized by the injection of large amounts of capital from one or a few major investors. The system has worked well for a very long… Read more »