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Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.


3 Top Tips to Getting The Best and Most Affordable Serviced Office Space

Year on year the number of new startups is increasing exponentially. With 402,000 new businesses already launched in the UK in 2016, it looks like that figure will seriously outpace… Read more »

Can You Really Make a Living from Affiliate Marketing?

The internet tends to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in a lot of people. Its relative ease of use and access, huge potential customer base and low-cost infrastructure make it… Read more »

Party Foul! Protect Your Business from Liquor Liability at Company Events

Alcohol is often part of the culture at company-sponsored events. Whether it’s a ball game, picnic, or a holiday party, people enjoy the opportunity to relax and enjoy their favorite… Read more »

GetToTheFront: A Music News and Ticket Site With A Difference

If you are interested in music and want to get into the music industry as a business, there are many venues that you can choose: Ticket sales, event/gig organizers, musician… Read more »

Job Interview: Understanding Interviewer Bias and Getting Beyond It

Most human resource associates who interview potential job candidates intend to treat everyone fairly. However, all people have biases even when they’re not aware of them. Culture differences account for… Read more »

Starting A Business? Why You Need To Consider Waste Management

Waste management is one aspect of running a business that is frequently either overlooked or considered an afterthought. The question of what to do with workplace waste — old files,… Read more »

Building Your Business: Simple and Sensible Ways to Earn Customer Trust

If you are going to build a business rather than simply do business, this requires you to work on earning the trust and respect of your customers, so that you… Read more »

3 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your SMB’s Financial Health in Order

When it comes to small businesses, owners face just as many challenges as seasoned corporations do – the scale is just smaller. Having the proper knowledge, tools, and support is… Read more »

How to Write a Business Letter Properly

Writing a business letter does not have to feel like a titanic endeavor. With a little assistance you can create a concise and engaging letter. The formatting will be the… Read more »

5 Sure Signs You Need to Rethink Your Existing Corporate Culture

Your company’s corporate culture isn’t just important to keeping the workflow going and ensuring everyone’s happy. It’s the very key to unlimited success. If the company’s growth oriented, it’s even… Read more »