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Investing in your Employee’s Education: Is it for your Company?

Employees are widely considered an incredibly valuable asset to a company. Typically, “good” companies attract “good” employees. Regardless of your definition of “good”, valuable benefits are considered a very attractive… Read more »
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What you Should Consider Before Accepting your New Role

Congratulations! The hours of research has worked. Practicing the skills of job interviews has worked. You have shown your personality and true colours. You have done everything right, and the… Read more »
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12 Employee Compensation Systems to Consider

Do you have a set system for compensation/salaries? Why or why not? photo credit: Bradleypjohnson / Flickr The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an… Read more »
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The Key to Company Growth? Exceptional Communication!

Picture the scene. You’ve set up your business and, at last, you have a handful of employees. You all know what needs doing and the consequences of doing it well… Read more »
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6 Ways to Set Up a Business Abroad

Whether you have a business model that’s a proven success or you want to start a business in your favorite foreign country, problems are numerous. Figuring out how to start… Read more »
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The Pitfalls of Open Office Plans (Infographic)

Ahh, the open air. No claustrophobic cubicle. No sense of isolation with walls separating you from your surroundings. No jealousy about who gets the corner office. …or so we all… Read more »
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Tonight’s Main Event – Creative Ideas for Corporate Events

Whether you want to impress clients, raise your company’s profile or simply boost the morale of your staff, hosting a corporate event might just be the best way to improve… Read more »
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Supply Chain Management Strategies for Every Phase of Your Product’s Life Cycle

Supply chain management helps in each phase of a product’s life cycle, from the launch of the product, to its initial growth phase, to maturity, and then when the product’s… Read more »
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5 Things you Should Do for your First Office

Finally. You have outgrown your home office, and it’s time to move your business to its very own premise. You’ve hired someone – two people, in fact – to work… Read more »
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The Right Way to Hire Through Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is like starting a business. Anyone can do it, but not everyone can do it successfully. According to Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 93 percent of recruiters use… Read more »