Exclusive Q&A with Jim Chilton, Founder/CEO of SOFA, on Financial Planning for College Education

College education is expensive. Very expensive.  You would be very lucky if you can go to college without taking any loans these days.  Fortunately, you can create “lucky” with proper… Read more »
Info Tech

Rumours of the iPhone 7 – 10 New Features for Business Users

As with each anticipated release of a new iPhone, rumours are flying, including the release date, its ‘official’ name and new features. The launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 7 (or… Read more »
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Surprising Facts About the Rich and Famous and Their Dominating Online Presence (Infographic)

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Discover Speedwapp: An Innovative Website Creation Platform

We have an opportunity to preview a web creation tool, Speedwapp, that we think will become one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and time-saving tools for business people and website… Read more »
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Small Business Owners Name Their Favorite Tech Tools in 2015

We’re all aware that whatever we’re doing for our businesses, there’s probably an easier, more efficient way to do it online. Taking it a step further, there’s not only usually… Read more »

TV Commercial Might be Dead: Long Live T/V Commercial!

TV commercial is not dead, but… (adding a bit of dramatic pause to the statement) it needs to be associated with video advertising strategy, which includes online video platforms like… Read more »

What Has Changed in the Latest Upgrade of PrestaShop?

When it comes to online shop management, PrestaShop has long been one of the most popular products. As an open source platform, it has been developed by a large team… Read more »
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University Clearing: Worth your While?

The rush is about to begin – university clearing has started, and places are being snapped up quicker than hot cakes. But what exactly is clearing season? It’s that time… Read more »

Interview with Todd Kurihara, CEO and Co-founder of Spective

Sunglasses is an established industry and it needs creative entrepreneurs to disrupt it. One of the them is Todd Kurihara, the CEO and Co-founder of Spective, an eyewear company which… Read more »

Impressions Are Not Enough: Hook Those Users

We all know how it is; each and every morning you flick through reams and reams of social media feeds to find the stuff that interests you. You might swipe… Read more »