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Richard Crenian: A Market Selloff May Direct More Investors to Real Estate

In early and mid-October, the stock market in almost all major industrial countries had something of a hiccup. Well, it wasn’t so much a hiccup as quite nearly a full-blown… Read more »
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Keeping Up the Pace When Working From Home

If you write, work, design, or create from home in any capacity, keeping productivity up can be a challenge. Not everyone is born self-motivated. But in order to turn your… Read more »

New Real Estate Platform Offers Unprecedented Home Purchasing Platform. Storm Duncan, CEO of DwellAware Shares his Insight

The era of subjectivity in choosing the right home and neighborhood has ended – well, sort of. Seriously speaking, just like any other decisions you make in life, you should… Read more »
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London Property Market: Average House Price Now Half a Million

Despite the reports on Britain’s house prices becoming stuck at the same prices since 2004, the London housing market is still showing signs of inflation. According to the latest article… Read more »
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Managing your Wealth: Understanding Risk and Maximising Returns

If you are investor, you will no doubt have become accustomed to strained economic climates and fluctuating returns in the wake of the Great Recession. The current economic landscape is… Read more »
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What to Consider When Investing in a Franchise

Starting a new business is fraught with uncertainty, especially when it’s a brand new entity in the marketplace. For many entrepreneurs, they want more security for their investment. Looking toward… Read more »
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3 Locations Perfect for First Time London Buyers

Getting on the property ladder can be difficult for first time buyers in London. Prices keep on rising so there’s the added pressure to jump on now before it’s out… Read more »

2014 London’s Housing Boom: Is It Time to Invest?

I was living in the UK for two years, and I am deeply fascinated by the people and culture. Let’s just say that I’m falling in love with UK. In… Read more »
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Property Investment Tips from Professional Home Buyers

Property investment lures many would-be entrepreneurs. Those that thrive are the ones who understand how to turn houses into profits. photo credit: PT Money Learn to Spot Trends Knowing what’s… Read more »
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Investing in Classic Cars: A Viable Strategy?

When a car salesman tells you that something is a ‘future classic’, it’s almost always just worthless sales speak – in reality it is extraordinarily difficult to predict if something… Read more »