Personal Development

Personal Development

How Entrepreneurs Turn Negative Experiences Into Positive Lessons

Social psychology professor Roy F. Baumeister summed it up pretty well in the article “Bad Is Stronger Than Good.” In short, the article tells us that bad experiences and feedback… Read more »
Personal Development

5 Simple Ways to Play With People’s Heads and Get Ahead in Business and Life

While real-life conversations on this topic are typically reserved for talk between salespeople and “pick-up artists,” anyone who works in business can benefit from learning more about human psychology so… Read more »
Personal Development

How to De-clutter Your Work and Personal Life to Achieve More

Clutter doesn’t have to represent tangible “junk” that you can physically see. More oft than not in life, it’s the clutter from the people and companies we interact and do… Read more »

Improve Your People Skills: Learn the Lost Art of the “Schmooze”

Outside of direct sales, the art of schmoozing appears on the verge of utter extinction. Not long ago, we were a society that placed importance on the ability to win… Read more »
Personal Development

3 Instances When it’s Appropriate to Become a “Quitter”

Nearly everyone is (hopefully) raised with the notion that being a quitter is bad and will consequently lead them to be a failure in life. This is true when pursuing… Read more »
Personal Development

How to Have Two Awesome Hours that Change your Work Days Forever (Book Review)

I rarely read books, but if I do read one, it must be the awesome-kind-of-book. One of the books that I recently read is Two Awesome Hours by Josh Davis,… Read more »
Personal Development

Is Risk Aversion Jeopardising your Success?

Even if you have some brilliant business ideas, you’ll struggle to achieve success as an entrepreneur if you’re too averse to taking risks. The fact is, some level of uncertainty… Read more »
Personal Development

The 3 Mentors you Need Across Each Business Stage

Everyone’s career path is different. We all take different routes — determined by the choices we make and the people we meet. My path began with a quest for knowledge… Read more »
Personal Development

6 Reasons Why Good Delegators Will Always Enjoy Faster Growth and Bigger Profits

Are you the type of entrepreneur who just can’t hand over the reigns? Do you need to micromanage every aspect of your marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, acquisitions – etcetera… Read more »

Life Lessons: How Playing Sports Can Make you a Business Success

We often extol the fitness benefits of playing sports when younger, but we tend to focus on the health benefits more than anything else. While staying active by playing sports… Read more »