Personal Finance

Personal Finance

The Importance of Personal Investment for Today’s Entrepreneurs

There are many financial challenges to entrepreneurship. Most of these are bound up in the daily operation of your business. It’s hard enough to turn a startup into a profitable… Read more »

Personal Investing for the Competitive Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have drive. Entrepreneurs are competitive. And while you may not always feel like it, simply by starting your own business, you have done something that most people won’t do… Read more »

How Consumers Game their Credit Reports and Increase your Risk of Being Paid

Consumers have access to plentiful information to help them increase their credit scores. Of course there is nothing wrong with that on the face of it. But when consumers use… Read more »

Exclusive Q&A with Jim Chilton, Founder/CEO of SOFA, on Financial Planning for College Education

College education is expensive. Very expensive.  You would be very lucky if you can go to college without taking any loans these days.  Fortunately, you can create “lucky” with proper… Read more »
Personal Finance

How to Build a Diverse Investment Portfolio in Three Simple Steps

For the entrepreneur, investing is an enticing prospect. Most business people have a natural affinity for risk-taking; after all, making big decisions is an important part of your professional life,… Read more »
Personal Finance

How to Budget in Three Simple Steps

As an entrepreneur, there are probably few things that you love more than making money. You’ll have an in-depth knowledge of profit margins, and know every trick in the book… Read more »
Personal Finance

The Snowball Effect of Wealth and Property

For people who have already achieved both of the things in the title, this is going to seem like a painfully obvious article. But for people who have never really… Read more »
Personal Finance

Debt Settlement – No More Sleepless Nights Due to Financial Stress

A pile of unpaid credit card statements and phone calls every now and then from collection agencies can only point to a fiscal life completely out of control and threatening… Read more »
Personal Finance

The 5 Steps to Repairing Your Bad Credit Rating

If you know (or discover) that a default is recorded on your credit file, you may be quite eager to repair your credit rating. Unsurprisingly, bankruptcy, a debt or some… Read more »
Personal Finance

Personal Pensions Advice for Young Savers

As a youngster, saving for old age seems like a pretty alien concept. There are so many more immediate demands for your money, and most of them seem like a… Read more »