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The 6 Things You Don’t Know You Should Be Doing

For many, the true joy of entrepreneurship lies in the creative process: building a product or service, gaining customers, and tweaking your strategy. The early days are filled with these… Read more »

5 Ways Your Office Can Save Money – Every Day!

For start-ups and small businesses, finding an effective way to curb your overheads is key to making your business profitable. Office rental costs, insurance, staff salaries and maintenance are but… Read more »

How to Run Your Business Cheaply Without Seeming Like a Tightwad

You pounded the pavement. You’ve jumped through hoop after hoop to get your financing in place. After all of that often humbling and sometimes even humiliating work (nothing dings the… Read more »

The Dangers of Trading While Insolvent

If a business is having severe financial difficulties and is struggling to pay debts and keep up with its obligations it may be insolvent or otherwise nearing insolvency. Insolvency is… Read more »
Personal Development

When You Were Sick, Who Run Your Business?

A sole proprietorI remember that a moment ago, I have a little email conversation with one of Noobpreneur.com’s Author, Betsy Brottlund about our business blogging policy. She mentioned that us… Read more »