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3 Lessons from Athletics that Apply to Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship is all about mindset — and a whole heck of a lot of luck! Especially when you’re starting out. Even with the smartest mentor on your side, there’s… Read more »

Interview with David Braun, CEO of TemplateMonster

Editor’s note: I’ve been doing web design and development for 15+ years – 8+ years of those as a web business owner. During those years, I see web-based businesses come… Read more »

How Two Young French Students Entered the London Start-up Scene

Salomé and I met mid 2015 in London through a friend. She moved from Paris to London a few years back to study Marketing Communications. I myself studied Corporate Finance… Read more »

Exclusive Q&A with Kane and Alessia Minkus on Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Unlike the popular belief, married couples can build winning business partnerships. One great example would be Kane and Alessia Minkus. Both Kane and Alessia met at a Business Growth event… Read more »
Personal Development

Is a Perfectionist Attitude Killing Your Business Dreams?

Ah the perfectionist. Such a way to live one’s life. Perhaps some day, the pursuit of perfection will lead the human race into a state of genetic infallibility, like in… Read more »
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3 Instances When it’s Appropriate to Become a “Quitter”

Nearly everyone is (hopefully) raised with the notion that being a quitter is bad and will consequently lead them to be a failure in life. This is true when pursuing… Read more »

Types of People Who do More Harm Than Good for Startup Founders

Conceiving, researching, organizing and launching a startup is among the hardest things any of us will ever do. It’s a balls-to-the-wall, take-no-prisoners, only-the-strong-survive venture with absolutely no guarantees of success.… Read more »

My Journey from a Doctor to an Entrepreneur

As a final year student at the medical school, I had become aware that medical practice was unlikely to fulfil the needs of my creative mind. However, the realization that… Read more »

What did 2012 Mean for My Business

As we approach the end of 2012, it’s about time for us to stop everything we are doing right now – just for a moment – and start pondering how… Read more »
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Think Like an Entrepreneur: Seven Rules to Help Your Business Thrive

Image by pasukaru76 / Flickr If you’ve ever been around a pack of entrepreneurs, no doubt you’ve noticed the spark in their conversations and the tangible enthusiasm that surrounds them.… Read more »