Turning Passion Into Profit

It’s well known that the secret to any business’s success is a genuine passion for what you do as a leader and entrepreneur. For Leah Wise, the reason she has become so successful as a lawyer and entrepreneur is that this passion radiates throughout every one of her business ventures — including her clothing line, CrashGal Couture.

Leah Wise — perhaps better known by her social media handle, @CrashGal — is a McAllen, Texas-based attorney and entrepreneur. After graduating from the St. Mary’s University School of Law with a JD in 2016, Wise founded her own practice, the first Latina-owned law firm in Texas dedicated 100% to personal injury law.

Leah Wise

However, Wise’s venture into entrepreneurship doesn’t stop with being the owner of a law firm. She has also founded a real estate investing company, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in the community, and perhaps most surprisingly, a clothing line.

How Leah Wise founded CrashGal Couture to pursue her passion for fashion

As one of her many business ventures, Wise founded CrashGal Couture to pursue her passion for fashion design beyond her primary career as a lawyer. Wise is a testament to the fact that with an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s possible to turn your passion into a significant profit.

CrashGal Couture sells clothes in an online store that offers shipping, as well as inside the McAllen, Texas boutique Shop 112. Whether you are in the Rio Grande Valley or across the United States, you can take advantage of the sleek, affordable style of the CrashGal Couture line.

According to Wise, the philosophy behind CrashGal Couture is to “bring the modern, working woman a clothing line that would allow them to express themselves at an affordable price.” Because of this, customers will find clothes from all sorts of styles in CrashGal Couture’s online or physical store — from dresses and rompers to two-piece sets and even cover-ups. This makes CrashGal Couture a perfect fashion line for the everyday woman’s needs, whether it’s showing up to work in style or finding the perfect outfit for a girls’ night out.

One of the defining features of the CrashFal Couture line is that all pieces are priced under $100. As a result, Wise is putting upscale, elegant fashion into the hands of women from all walks of life at a price they can afford.

How Leah Wise gives back to the community as a successful Latina entrepreneur

Through her actions, Wise has shown a continued commitment to giving back to the community — both in terms of the local Rio Grande Valley and those in her community of Latina entrepreneurs. In terms of her practice, Wise regularly shows the willingness to help clients financially while their cases are being resolved, setting them apart from large corporate firms who treat their clients like they are “just another case.” At the same time, Wise goes above and beyond to give back to the community and empower other Latina entrepreneurs.

For one, Wise refuses to let her social media following go to waste. She started an initiative called “Latina Feature Friday” on her social media platforms to highlight other Latina-owned businesses in the Rio Grande Valley.

Through her business ventures — including CrashGal Couture and her law firm — Wise has grown a following of thousands across her various accounts. She believes that using this following to help other Latina entrepreneurs is an important part of giving back and supporting those experiencing the same challenges she did in her journey.

Wise has also shown her commitment to elevating fellow Latina entrepreneurs through her philanthropic efforts. For example, she recently founded the CrashGal Mentorship Group, a program through which she provides Latina entrepreneurs with mentorship and guidance to help them in their journey toward becoming successful entrepreneurs. She also began the Leah Wise Latina Student Hardship Fund at St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2022, pledging $50,000 to help Latina law students going through financial hardship. The goal of both initiatives is to empower the next generation of great female entrepreneurs and lawyers.

Leah Wise’s story should be an inspiration to any Latina who hopes to start her own business and pave a path for herself in whatever industry she chooses. Wise has not only seen success as a lawyer, but also as a fashion designer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur in general. Her unwavering desire to give back to the community makes her an extraordinary role model for girls and women who hope to take their passions and turn them into profitable ventures.