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Exclusive Q&A with Michael Hyatt on Goal Setting, Mentoring and Personal Branding

We cross path! I’ve been following Michael Hyatt for years, and thanks to a connector (you’re the man, Matt!) I finally have a great opportunity to have a Q&A with… Read more »
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8 Goals Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need to Follow Through in 2016

If you’re looking for a blueprint for entrepreneurial success, sadly there isn’t one. If, on the other hand, you want some solid tips on the basic goals you need to… Read more »

4 Goals Every Small-Business Owner Should Set in 2015

Running a small business is a true labor of love. Small business owners pour countless hours into building a sustainable and profitable company, which is no easy task in today’s… Read more »
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Defining and Achieving Your Goals as an Entrepreneur

Achieve your entrepreneurial goals, be successful Goals – an important aspect of business that is sometimes overlooked – or vague and obscure, but should absolutely be set up in detail… Read more »
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Small Business Owners: What’s Your Carrot for 2010?

Carrot on a stick to chaseMy ‘carrot’ in growing my business in 2010 is mainly to be able to spend more time for my family – so, yes, I plan… Read more »
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Do You Want to Be a Great Entrepreneur? Set Yourself Milestones

Milestone signI just read an article about speed writing, and the article reveals what I considered as one of the best tips I’ve read so far: What make a writer… Read more »