Defining and Achieving Your Goals as an Entrepreneur

goal setting tips
Achieve your entrepreneurial goals, be successful

Goals – an important aspect of business that is sometimes overlooked – or vague and obscure, but should absolutely be set up in detail and understood completely.

Setting goals helps you stay on the road to success. It keeps you focused on the big picture – and from swaying too far from the prize. Yes, we are a world of instant gratification, but if the focus isn’t on the future, things will go astray, and before you know it, you’re focus is on the day to day, and not the big picture.

Here are some tips to keep your nose to the grindstone, with an eye on the future, and setting and achieving your goals, one step at a time.

Start with one goal

This should be an annual event, choosing a goal that you plan to reach that year. Like a new years resolution of sorts, and something that is possible to obtain. Setting a goal that is unachievable is the road to loss and disappointment.

Figure out what it is that you want to achieve, in one year. Set the goal, and put it on the walls of the office, or laptop or whenever you might catch a glimpse regularly.

When setting this goal, make sure you actually believe you an achieve it – list possible obstacles, and who and what you will need to enlist to see it come to light.

And don’t be shy, be specific and put these goals in writing. Where do you want to be at the end of the year – answer specifically, and make sure it’s obtainable.

Break down the steps it will take to get you there – who you will need to enlist for help, how many more people you might need to hire, and how much more cash flow would it take?

Will you need to gain more knowledge? Are you going to have to work extra hours and weekends to get there?

And most of all – what will the benefits be?

These questions should all be listed in your goals, and its OK if it’s a little frightening, consider it a challenge and get on it. But without those little annual goals, what have you got to strive for?

Before you know it, you’ll have a complete marketing and action plan. Use this plan regularly to stay on track, have meetings about the plan, each month and if you’ve swayed from these specific action/goals then find a way to get the momentum back on track.

If things shift or change, make sure to list those changes and adjust your goal action plan, if a product or service should be added – add that to the plan.

Consider this action plan your companies Bible, and remember, it is a work in progress – changes will come during the year, and that is OK.

Continue on to set goals for 2 -5 years, and 6-10 years with an eye on the prize.


You have to set priorities, and set them for your staff or business partners as well. Without them, stopping work for a ball game, or a date – or even a trip might interfere with building your business, and reaching the annual goals set.

Know what those priorities are before you even start a business. Because we all know if that business is not your number 1 priority, it’s likely to fail.

With the priorities and goals set, there is a strong success rate.

Being as detailed as possible will only help keep you and your goals intact, as well as business partners and employees.

And, if you follow and achieve these goals in the first year- the goals of the next year should only be more exciting and lucrative, because they will be more developed and achievable – if you strive to meet them.

About the Author: This article is from Will from Credit Card Finder. Discover some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs at the Credit Card Finder Inspirational Australian Female Entreprenurs Awards.