Why Pop Up Banner Stands Are The Perfect Companion For Traveling Marketing Executives

pop up banner stands
Pop up banners
Commercials, radio, newspaper and trade shows have always been successful means of marketing a company’s products and services. Traveling marketing executives will require more portable means of marketing their brand, such as brochures, flyers, banners, and often the product itself. Due to this load out, the executive will want to ensure that their equipment is as portable as possible. Pop up banner stands are ideal for this purpose.


A banner stand with a good design and content can accurately represent a company, with many trade show attendees admitting that they are the first thing that attract them to a booth. Fortunately, pop up banners do not need a lot of effort to assemble, requiring only one person and a minimal amount of time. They also come in various shapes and sizes to fit the company’s needs, with prints available on both sides to increase visibility.


Pop up banners do not damage easily, fully retracting into a base and placed in hard shell castings. Most bases are constructed out of hard materials such as steel or aluminum as opposed to cheap flimsy materials such as plastic. They can be seen as advantageous next to other forms of display banners, especially with big and bulkier designs being notoriously difficult to transport.


Even larger scale banners can be easily portable. Whilst bigger pop up banners have a longer base, the width and height often remain the same. This can be beneficial for marketing executives who pack all of their equipment into a small van or trailer. Traveling with large, heavy equipment takes a lot of effort and is also not considered environmentally friendly. The extra weight makes the vehicle’s engine work harder than usual, meaning lighter, pop up banners can save on harmful carbon emissions.

Ease of installment

Time can be a luxury for marketing executives who frequently work at trade shows. Most of the time, vendors will only be allowed a set amount of time to set up a display. Unlike their large and cumbersome counterparts, pop up banners are quick and easy to set up. Larger banners can take up to two hours to set up and install, often requiring a team. As mentioned previously, pop up banner stands require only one person to assemble and they only take a couple of minutes.

Companies who wish to make a lasting impact but remain efficient with their time and effort should certainly consider investing in pop up banners. With their inexpensive costs, spaciousness and durability for multiple trips, they are a very effective tool for traveling marketers who need to market their company on the go.