Your Small Business: When to Expand, Sell or Close (Infographic)

small business infographic
Small business owners: When should you go big or go home?
A great thing about running a business blog that buzzes small business ideas and tips is the many great recommendations I get on anything small business. I love infographic (especially cloud computing infographic) and every time someone sends me an infographic, I tend to get engaged.

This time, I have just been recommended a small business infographic, that I think every small business owners will surely benefit from. The infographic, brought to you by Warman Capital, shows you some pointers on how to know when it’s the right time for your small business to expand, to be sold or to be closed down.

The explanation is pretty straightforward, really – you are given “the signs” to know whether it’s the right time to expand, cash-in, or close-down, along with some sample figures to help explaining things.

The secondary part of the infographic shows you some alternatives in small business funding, as well as the cold, hard truth about how the lackluster economic situation makes things difficult for small business to get small business loans and/or retain great talents. Like a circle of death, small businesses greatly impact the economy, so – if we want the economy to be better, let’s start with favorable small business regulations, shall we?

The data represented in the infographic is US-based, but it’s useful for small business owners from other part of the world nonetheless. Check out this infographic and be sure to let me know what you think (click on the infographic for the original size.)

small business infographic

Courtesy of Warman Capital

Ivan Widjaya
Small business infographic