9 Best Tools For Your Marketing Automation

The role of a marketer is to transform every minute into an opportunity to scale the business. This means that you need the right tools to assist you in driving growth at scale, track it, acquire an infinite number of users and make a profit out of them. To be more effective, you need the tools that can automate the whole marketing process.

In a nutshell, marketing automation refers to the software designed to assist you in prioritizing and implementing your marketing duty in an efficient and streamlined way. Marketing automation makes you effective because you save more time without compromising the quality and originality of the content.

Marketers using marketing automation tools

App developers are competing for the huge automation market. Some companies make social media app to automate social media marketing processes, and some others make an even more advanced AI-powered marketing automation solutions.

The main purpose of marketing is to achieve a sustainable model that generates more revenue for the company. An ideal way to do this is to get more traffic to the company, convert them to leads and make them customers.

Why business marketing automation is important

Your marketing team can reach more clients through advanced tools that produce better leads in optimizing the efficacy of communication to develop a strong customer relationship. The tools help you to organize the way you interact with customers in a logical, highly personalized and tidy manner. They help you combine channels of marketing with integrated A/B testing.

With the advanced tools, it is possible to focus on potential customers and make them your loyal clients through a personalized approach. The tools also help you assess measurable outcomes and improve the quality of sales by tracking the success of marketing actions.

So, what can you get from such tools?

  • You get fully automated welcome programs to woo customers
  • You are able to retain more customers
  • You have an opportunity to test, optimize and re-test your models
  • It becomes easy to coordinate a multi-channel campaign
  • Improves customer personalization

Marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools to consider

Here is a list of 8 automation tools that can transform your business. Identify the ideal models that synchronize with your business and see it advance to the next level.

1. Automate your B2B marketing with Pardot

It is a marketing tool ideal for boosting your revenue. It helps you advance your engagement with CRM integration, lead nurturing, email marketing, ROI reporting, and lead scoring. It allows you to shorten the sales cycle. Its features include grading, email marketing, lead nurturing, prospect tracking and grading.

Standard pricing is $1,000 per month, while pro pricing is $2,000 per month, which includes standard features, spam analysis, email rendering, and advanced email analytics. $3,000 is the ultimate pricing that includes pro features, customer-object integration, API access, and customer user roles.

2. Automate your ad promotions with AdRoll

It is essential in retargeting clients through re-engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and the Web. You are able to customize experiences to improve marketing efficiency with cross-platform and cross-device. Its features include flexible segmentation, expert optimization, liquid Ads, retargeting across devices and platforms, transparent analytics, conversion, and reporting. It offers personalized budgeting, a two-week trial with no contracts, and full control over ad spend.

3. Enhance your inbound marketing with HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software tool that enables you to transform your marketing from spam emails, cold calls, etc. to get noticed by potential customers easily in the natural course.

4. Nurture leads effectively with Marketo

The tool helps you to build customer relationship and sustain them. The tool is a cloud-based that comes with a free trial with no step-up fee. You do not have to commit until you are satisfied with its operation and gain access to a variety of advanced features.

5. Use iContact to automate customer experiences

iContact provides email marketing services that integrate social media management, landing pages, email marketing, and analytics. It allows you to outdo your competitors and access more contacts. In addition, you maximize the sending strategy for maximum conversion by the aid of strategic advisors. The tool gives you an opportunity to grow your business and become more notable. It is advantageous because pricing relies on the number of contacts you have. You can also pick your list size using their price slider.

You can opt to be billed annually or pay $14 per month for 500 contacts on basic emails or $99 pro automation email package for 500 contacts. The pro package has extra features such as:

  • Landing pages
  • Triggered messages
  • Workflows
  • Custom objects
  • Behavior targeting
  • Social monitoring
  • Funnel reports
  • Zapier integration
  • Engagement tracking

6. Design automated workflows with Net-Result

Net-Result allows you to save time and helps you nurture and uncover leads to grow your revenue quickly. It has such features as form builder, campaign builder, email builder, nurture leads, landing pages builder, and automate workflows. Price: less than 10,000 contacts for $960 per month and $6,000 per month for contacts up to 500,000.

7. Use Nightwatch.io to deliver SEO data

It provides broad SEO data at a reasonable price. It works as a rank tracker, backlink monitor and it helps you automatically aggregate data from various sources. With this app, you can observe your competitors, or how your keywords, backlinks or pages are performing. You can try it for free 7 days, and upgrade it later.

8. Use DataForSEO API to deliver SEO data

It provides broad SEO data through API at a probable price. In as much as it works mostly with SEO software providers, it is ideal to help you advance your marketing efforts. It provides you with SERP API, on-page API, keywords data API, rank tracking API, and competitor API.

9. Do inbound call analysis with Dialog Tech

You can optimize voice interaction with this tool to measure success and adjust accordingly. Its features include phone surveys, reverse lookup, call-tracking, voice broadcasts, caller profile data, conversion analytics SMS etc. This tool is perfect for you to keep in track with your customers and asses their reactions. However, you have to get in touch with them to get a price quote.

Marketing team using marketing automation platform


In conclusion, excellent marketing sets you apart and booms your business. It is naturally hard to keep track of all aspects related to it and evaluate them to find the right direction to follow as it is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy.

Lucky enough, marketing automation tools are available to bridge the gap. You can use these tools to monitor and asses the direction of flow. It becomes easier to manage your business and meet customer needs by tracking every move you take.

Apply these tools in your business and create more time to focus on other efforts that will add value to your company’s success.