Brochure Printing as a Strong Marketing Tool

Whenever talking about traditional printed marketing materials, brochures come up. No matter how popular online marketing is becoming, we cannot deny the importance of such printed material. The well-designed booklets & brochures can even turn into collectible items.

Brochures can only be effective as a marketing tool when you get quality. Always consider working with reputable printing companies like HelloPrint. They give you access to brochures of all kinds, booklets that respect your indications and guide you through the process whenever you have questions.

Booklet design example

Why brochures still matter

While we see so many businesses moving away from brochures, there are some clear reasons why you do want to consider these as a part of your marketing arsenal:

  • A good brochure can easily capture attention. This is especially the case when referring to emerging and small businesses that do not have a high available marketing budget.
  • Brochures are pocket-friendly and effective when compared to ads in newspapers and magazines. Prime media space is highly expensive. Also, such ad space will be shared by various businesses that all compete from the attention of the public. It is really challenging to be noticed when there is so much competition present.
  • Brochures will solely focus on offerings and get undivided attention when being browsed. However, this is only the case in the event that content is informative and interesting, all while being supported by appropriate images. A good call to action is also necessary.
  • Versatility is really high. You can use such printed materials in order to promote any service or product, at practically all venues. You can use various formats like product guides, flyers, menus and newsletters, with the tri-fold style being particularly popular.
  • The brochure printing services will be cost-effective since discounts are normally offered for bulk printing. Cost per brochure does go down when you print more. As a regular customer you can enjoy an extra discount.
  • Brochures offer a brand new way to interact with your customers and you can generate leads with ease if properly designed.
  • Printed brochures offer easy access to information when compared to the content that you have on a site or in an email.
Brochure design
photo credit: Behance

Brochures work – the well-designed one, though…

Using brochures is a really good idea when you run many different marketing campaign types. This should be visible since we highlighted the main benefits above. However, it is really important to note the fact that the quality of content, images, design, ink and paper is a clear key factor that is going to determine campaign effectiveness.

It is always a really good idea to work with professional graphic designers so that suitable content format can be finalized for all brochures. This does include the creation of a very effective front page. This alone will dictate whether the majority of the receivers will keep the brochure or just throw it away.

A tri-fold design is capable of holding up 5 sections of good information about services or products promoted. All sections should be properly designed and all the information included should be carefully chosen.

Italian winery promotional brochure
photo credit: EMEALCUBO / Flickr


The truth is that most businesses that fail at using brochures do so because they do not understand how to design them and use them for increased efficiency. The best brochures are designed based on a good research and an understanding of the target audience. Also, they are handed out where that target audience is most likely to receive them.