Fleet Owners – Reduce Fuel Costs and Driver Overtime

Does your business involves the use of vehicles?

Maybe you own a pizza delivery business, mobile snacks outlets business, or even a parcel delivery business?

Whatever you do that involves a fleet, your main consideration is always the same: How to streamline operations and reduce overheads.

The larger your fleet, the more important that consideration will become. Consider this: having a pizza delivery business with 3 motorcycles is totally different with having one with 20 motorcycles:

You have to manage the vehicles…

You have to manage the delivery boys, so that they are not wasting their time and do overtime (which is, sometimes, deliberately!)…

You have to manage shortest routes, to reduce fuel costs…
And all that is NOT what you suppose to prioritise on – you HAVE to prioritise on your core business: delivering pizza in excellent quality with timely manner.

The more vehicles you have to manage, the more difficult you focus on your core business. You have to find a way to help you manage your fleet.

You might ask what I would do. I would use the GPS technology. Period.

Why? Simple. GPS tracking equipments and systems – It’s not only for showing you directions and the shortest paths, but more, it gives you control. You can track the whereabouts of the vehicle you installed your GPS on.

Let me put it this way: Would you try GPS equipments that help you tracks your fleet, by giving you information, such as: are your vehicles heading to the right way on the right scheduled time frame, are your drivers stop at a certain location for a certain amount of time, are your drivers took shorter path to reach destinations, and so on… including, knowing whether your driver go to the destination as scheduled, or hanging out elsewhere with his pals, knowing you wouldn’t know anything about it. Think about it.

Here’s the benefits of having GPS implemented in your fleet management:

  1. Reduce fuel costs
  2. Reduce maintenance costs
  3. Reduce driver overtime
  4. Track the whereabouts of your drivers
  5. Ensure on-schedule stops, jobs or delivery
  6. Increase the number of stops, jobs or delivery made

Final words: You might say, “well, it’s all fine to me, but it’s too expensive.” If I may, I’d like to give you something to think about:

I’m sure you have calculated your annual fleet operations overheads – You would already know the average overheads per vehicle, per year.

Make a forecast, and compare the current overheads’ annual average with the reduced overheads by implementing the GPS system. If there’s a reduce in overheads, I recommend you use the GPS system, because of the added value it brings – save your time and effort by replacing conventional vehicle tracking with GPS vehicle tracking.

Happy cost-cutting!

GPS Fleet Tracking

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