World recession – Not All Bad Things Happen to Good Business People

Happy people at happy businessToday’s recession is somewhat worrying. But being creative will eventually bring the goods out of recession.

In my country, there are rumors that there will be a riot – the usual and logical, people vs. the government.

What about business people in business world?

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends
– a great blog about small business – wrote about recession – Is it inflation or a bubble?. She wrote that not only the consumers suffer – the business owners suffer, too.

Us, the business owners, unlike most people, feed three entities – their families, their employees, and their business. A suffering business means pressure to the family and the employees.

Anita Campbell pointed out that small businesses that involve the use of commodities in their operation and product components will suffer the most – those that related to certain business categories, such as food and gasoline.

Not all bad things happen to good business people

However, there is some anomalies here – while some things are at record high, some other things are actually at record low, as Anita Campbell explained. IT-related products – including computers and softwares are at their lows.

Well, there are (still) ways to ace the recession – being creative.

That is one of the good things of recession – please read my post about why recession is good for you.

Today, you should sell motorcycle, scooter, and bicycle – Those are energy saving vehicles (bicycle uses zero gasoline) that currently rise in popularity.

Today, some inventors can power a car with other than gasoline – no, not liquid gas, bio-ethanol nor electricity – that’s not hip anymore :) Guess what? What does vegetable oil sound to you? No, it’s not for cooking or frying – it’s a car fuel. On a smaller scale, there are people that can modify a motorcycle engine so it can run on 1 part gasoline and 4 part water. Talk about being creative!

Today, you should do business and make money online – web hosting price tag goes down, and web services are becoming more and more affordable. The best part is, that more people seek online business to buy anything – they don’t want to drive 10 miles to buy something. They want the goods delivered right in front of their door – this will save them significantly on their traveling expenditure.

Today, you should work at home – cut business expenses and time wasting activities. Why drive to work while you can work at home close to your family? Be warned of the negatives, though – including time management and less professional image of working at home.

And so much more things to do to get the good things out of today’s recession.

The question is, do you really want for good things to happen to your business, family and employees? Or, do you prefer to feel sorry for yourself and get depressed?

Good Things are waiting at your door step. Do you want to get up and open the door?

Ivan Widjaya
Good things are welcomed and much appreciated :)