American Idol Finale – Lessons for Entrepreneur

David Cook and David Archuleta of American Idol - (c) you follow American Idol? I’m not normally watch any TV programmes, but the hype around it makes me watch the final 10, including the final 2 – the battle between the two Davids – David Archuleta and David Cook.

As it turned out today, the winner is David Cook.

The interesting fact is that throughout the final, David Archuleta, 17 y-o, mesmerises the audiences including the judges with his near-perfect singing. David Cook is also an execellent singer, but in my opinion, not as good as the other David.

The poll before the Finale said 60% to David Cook. And to many American Idol followers, the new Idol, David Cook, is rising their eyebrows.

David Archuleta aces the competition, but the winner is David Cook.

What gives?

The answer – Stage presence, charisma, PR, and loyal fans (and fan clubs)

Lessons for entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can learn a big deal from the latest American Idol finale.

No, not how to sing like the Davids, but how to garner the attention of voters to vote for Mr. Cook.

Here’s the lessons:

  • Entrepreneurs have to be good at business branding
    You throw your brand at the market saying, “best fit,” not “best quality.” There are lots of excellent quality stuffs out there, but not much fits well in the niche – and today, niche is where the money at.
  • Entrepreneurs have to have the charisma – at least learn how to enhance theirs.
    Most says charisma can’t be taught – Agreed, but I believe charisma can be enhanced. You are probably not the most likable entrepreneur in your area, but you can be the most charismatic of all. And charisma turns people’s head.
  • Entrepreneurs have to build a network of happy clients
    Happy clients are viral. Happy clients = the biggest and most reliable source of word-of-mouth marketing. Period.
  • Believe it or not, entrepreneurs have to learn to ‘talk’ and be ready to be interviewed
    Let alone getting an interview from a well known TV host, getting an interview from small, local radio stations, can give your business a boost – be prepared for the big stage! You might say, “I wanna be myself, that’s all. I’ll say what I want.” I’ll say, “Being yourself plus a touch of marketability and professionalism is the thing that makes people falling in love with you!”
  • Self procrastination and being narcisist are not good ideas, but personal branding is important for your business
    How you market yourself will impact your business as a whole. Who’s who – Donald Trump.

So, are you the next Idol? :)

Ivan Widjaya
Was not an American Idol fan, but was converted into one by word-of-mouth marketing campaign by family members :D