Trying to Prove Something is the Best Motivator for Entrepreneur

Kick it in the arseI have a chat or two with a member of one of the forum I involve in.

She has a brilliant idea about money making online with her blog, and later on, an offline business venture she planned with her friends.

I asked her why if she would be successful online, she still considered owning an offline, brick-and-mortar business.

I love her answer – She is trying to prove that she can be a good entrepreneur.

In fact, I am in her shoes right now. Most of us do.

Entrepreneurs are the most doubted person in the world, second to ex-convicts

Entrepreneurs are often doubted by the people surrounding them. The so-called “close friends” and “those who cares” are not only your best motivators, but also your best demotivators.

Many, if not all, entrepreneurs that I know become the successful ones because their relatives and friends doubt them. Their main driving factor: trying to prove to them that they are wrong.

“Opening a business is risky. Get a job!” “You don’t have the necessary skill. Forget about opening a business!” “Making money online? It’s a fairy tale for you!” et cetera.

Well, I said, “Thanks for the concern, but I don’t wanna hear more bulls**t from all of you. I shall prove that I can make it!” – pardon my language :P

Proving yourself is one of your best tools for success

Set aside money. Motivation drives you to success. Motivation drives money TO you.

Motivation is your business foundation – When investors see you are passionate about your business, they foresee successes ahead. This will help them decide which business to invest in.

Motivation is putting you in the spotlight – When your business network see you have the mojo, businesses start coming to you at lightning speed.

Motivation is success, and sucess is contagious – When you closest people learn that you have the fire inside of you, they start believing you and they are becoming successful themself – thanks to you.

Burn, baby, burn!

Ivan Widjaya
Hotter than the hottest