7 Habits of A Highly Effective Franchisee

Highly effective franchisee - (c)www.flickr.com/photos/michaelimage/530195355/Franchise industry is a different world of its own in entrepreneurship.

A certain type of entrepreneurship may or may not a best fit in franchising. If you saw a franchise unit runs well, don’t be surprised to know that it’s because of the location, not because of the right franchisee running the unit. What the best fit franchisee impacts is on two issues – everlasting franchise unit growth beyond it’s locational perks, and great relationship between franchisee and the franchisor, as well as with other franchisees.

Running a franchise unit as a franchisee is challenging and unique – Being a franchisee resides in a position between professional and entrepreneur career path. As a franchisee, you have to follow set rules as professionals do, as well as to have the creativity and vision as entrepreneurs do.

To be a successful franchisee – beside the location, location, location factor, of course – is the ability to position yourself well in both professional world and entrepreneur world.

7 habits of a highly effective franchisee

There are certain habits that make you a better franchisee – franchisors eager having you joining them as a franchisee.

  1. Nurture a good relationship with the franchisor.
    Good relationship means better teamworking and problem-solving – and don’t forget, you ‘stuck’ with them for at least 5 years. 5 long years are better enjoyed in a positive relationship, don’t you think?
  2. Walk on his/her own two feet.
    Come on, admit it – you love to shriek and whine at your franchisor. Stop being a baby, and run your franchise unit like an adult – independent and proactive.
  3. Continuously benchmark his/her franchise unit to other franchise units.
    See what other successful franchisees do, copy it and modify it according to your franchise unit’s need, or even to achieve better results.
  4. Be proactive in every franchise meeting.
    Franchise meeting is supposed to seek solutions and solve problems in franchising issues – It’s not a lecture, even a seminar where response is limited, although encouraged. Be a good contributor.
  5. Offering solutions, instead of requesting franchisor to help resolving problems (all the time).
    People enter franchising hoping for the franchisor’s support. True, but you are suppose to offer solution on how the franchise can improve – if the franchise succeed, your franchise unit succeed, as well.
  6. Don’t rely on the employees – rely on the system.
    Running a franchise often involves managing employees. Although they are one of your best asset, don’t depend your franchise unit’s survival on them. Franchising biggest plus is THE system. Depend on the system, including employee and management policies, to manage employees. Your franchise units must run well with or without your employees.
  7. Be an impact in the community where the franchise unit resides.
    The community where your business resides is where your customer from. Your franchise unit is successful because of the community surrounding it. It’s a great habit to give back to your community, such as sponsoring a charity event or donating money and/or time to a good local cause.

Following and pursuing the 7 habits will put you in the ‘authority’ position of francshising – impacting your own franchise units, the franchisor, and other franchisees. Moreover, having the 7 habits, well, as your life habits, will bring you beyond the franchising itself – more business opportunities and network of friends.

Ivan Widjaya
Pursuing the 7 habits