Business or Busy-ness?

Busy woman - (c) Pro.Corbis.comA typical day of a business person – Go for work at 7.00. Have a meeting at 8.00. Calling clients and managing business issues up until 06.00 – even more… even up until midnight.

A successful business person image? Perhaps.

The person might be very well successful, but the lifestyle is not a best fit for every entrepreneur.

I don’t know about you (please share! :D) But to me, it’s not what I’m thinking about entrepreneurship.

Perhaps I was being lazy, but I think the business person I described above is not doing business – the person is doing busy-ness.

Busy-ness – being busy all the time taking care of the business.

Nothing wrong with this, but there are ways to enjoy your perk as an entrepreneur – a.k.a. working whenever, wherever you want and having your business run with or without you.

In term of blogging, I’m not your ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse type of entrepreneur – he does full-time blogging. I’m a more Entrepreneurs-Journey’s Yaro Starak type of entrepreneur – he pursues minimal working hours per week.

Don’t get me wrong, I considered both as my mentors in blogging (I was into John Chow before, but I guess I’m not really into John’s writing style – sorry, John! :D) But how they do their business really turns me as a fan of Yaro Starak :)

I agree with Yaro’s concept of entrepreneurship – if you worked more by having more business, then you are not creating a business, you are creating another job for you.

The more deligating you are, the better.

Being lazy is good :D

So back to the topic. Being busy is good, but having less and less time in a day because of your business, bad for your health.

So are you running a business, or a busy-ness?

Ivan Widjaya
I don’t like being busy :D