7 Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Startup Business Growth

Growing your business from scratch is not a piece of cake. Actually, you will need to be determined and committed if you are to stand a chance at success. Once you have the determination and commitment, you will need to come up with a viable idea. From there onwards, you can look for a profitable niche, define the target audience before eventually coming up with a good product or service to sell to them.

Detailed chart of business growth plan

Whether you are selling products or services, you will need to come up with a way of reaching out to the prospects. This means looking for the right marketing strategy that can make your business known thus fueling growth. Unfortunately, choosing the right strategies to market your business is at times quite hard. However, the secret lies in trying the different options available before you can determine the most profitable.

If you are not sure on the type of marketing strategy to use, here are some that you can consider choosing from.

1. Social Media Marketing

We are living in a world where most things are taking place online. Therefore, it would make sense that you rely social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in reaching out to your target audience. Social media marketing may prove hard at first, but as you build momentum, you will find it easy over time.

For those who do not know how to market on social media, then it would be better that you hire a social media manager. However, you will need to be financially stable if you are to hire an experienced social media manager. If you are running on a low budget, you can opt to do it yourself. Remember to be authentic and only post the things that you find appealing to your audience. It is only then that you will be able to get the most out of social media marketing.

2. Email Marketing

One of the most widely used tools for marketing your business is an email. By email marketing am simply referring to automated messages that go out to customers and prospects once they have subscribed to your list.

Email marketing sequences are quite beneficial as they make it possible for you to create a close relationship with the customers. Just like social media marketing, you will need to be authentic and transparent if you are to get the most out of an email marketing sequence. You must however remember to send the emails at the correct time. Shun away from sending emails late in the night as it will only end up being a nuisance.

3. Make Use of Flyers

Advertising with flyers is among the low-cost marketing strategies for small, local businesses. Flyers are a good way of introducing your new business to a given location or demographic without necessarily having to go through a lot. Furthermore, you can use flyers in promoting a new service or product to the local community.

If you are thinking about using flyer advertising you must make sure that it is has a bold headline and you have proof read it before submitting. For those who cannot design the perfect flyers, you will have to seek the services of a well-known company such as LeafletDistributionTeam.co.uk, a flyer distribution London company to take care of your flyer distribution needs. It is only then that you can be able to get eye catching flyers while at the same time distributing them within the shortest time possible.

4. Create Video Tutorials

Among the most proven marketing strategies of getting the word out on your business is by making use of video tutorials. Through these tutorials, you can teach prospects something useful while at the same time walking them through it. The good you are at this, the quicker you can make your business known. This will eventually be reciprocated in the sales made by the business.

Snapshot of video tutorial being filmed

5. Create a Blog

If your business does not have a blog, then this is the right time to start one. However, it is not mandatory for you to blog on your own. Actually, this is the reason as to why most businesses cannot get the most out of blogging. If you are determined to make your business thrive when using a blog, you should know what you are doing or simply seek the help of an experienced blogger.

When blogging, you should not post thin content since you only want to give prospects something to read. Instead, do a detailed research if you are to know what the prospects expect from your blog. Remember to give the demographic so much value that you immediately become an authority in their eyes.

6. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to see your business grow, then search engine optimization is an area of marketing that you should consider relying on. Unfortunately, many people are usually frightened by SEO since it requires knowledge and experience if you are to pull it off in the perfect way. Fortunately, there are numerous companies out there that will teach you more about SEO and how to use it in achieving business success.

7. Create an Affiliate Program

Many business owners fail to understand the power of affiliate marketing. Making use of affiliates can boost your business within a short period. Unfortunately, getting the right partners is not always that easy. This is because you will need to have a good conversion if any bigger affiliate is to take you serious. The good news is that affiliate programs will always market your business as long as you are using it in the right way.


There are so many marketing strategies that you can use in reaching out to the target audience. All it takes is for you to identify the right strategy that works for your business before putting it into practice. It is only then that you will reach out to a wider audience thus maximizing your profits and taking the business to another level.