6 Skills Every Data Scientist Needs To Have

Data Science promises massive growth in the future. Given the dynamic nature of this field, it is important to stay updated and gather as many skills as possible. It may not be necessary that you are adept with all the technical and non-technical skills, but you need to gain mastery over your niche.

Currently, Python, R, and Matlab are widely used for visualisation and model development. On the other hand, SQL is highly preferred for data access. If you have a leaning towards any of these platforms, you can take it forward and develop it even more.

Data scientist on the job

Of late, data science training has really started to pick up. So, if you are a newbie, you can always begin your journey with Data Science with Python training and get the competitive advantage over your peers.

Here are some skills that will help you be a better Data Scientist:

Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving is as critical a skill as any. The basic premise of Data Science revolves around asking the who, what, where, why, and how. Thus, you need to have a sharp, analytical acumen to take on the problems.

Furthermore, you will have to have a grassroots level understanding of the industry that you work in. Thus, when you have to solve the problem that the business has encountered, it will be these problem-solving skills that will come to the rescue.

Have a Curious Mind

Scientists are a curious lot. They question things, observe, and infer information from everything around them. Being a data scientist, you should make curiosity your second nature.

From extraction to the cleaning of data, every stage of the process should be carried out much like a scientific experiment. Don’t just simply accept things at face value. Probe it further to a point where you get new insights. Stay passionate about your line of work as you will have to keep up with the constant evolution of Data Science.

Decide Your Core Strengths

Data Process and Analytics form the foundation of Data Science. Data Scientists acquire more skills in other sectors to complement the basics and to distinguish themselves. When it comes to Data Science, enough will never be enough! However, nobody likes a jack of all trades who is master of none.

Identify the areas where you can improve and specialise as a Data Scientist. Ask yourself: Will I be using this skill often? Will it contribute to my future career? If the answer is yes, add it to your arsenal.

Hard at work coding

Learn Coding over Python

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language that is quick, user-friendly, and easy to learn. Supported by a vast library that is analogous to machine learning, it offers data visualisation.

Python has been growing exponentially! In fact, a 2018 survey reported that nearly 66% of data scientists make use of Python for Data Sciences. A mere observation of this trend strongly suggests that enrolling for a Data Science with Python course will positively give you an edge over your colleagues.

Strong Communication Skills

On paper, it may appear as though Data Science is all about technical knowledge. However, in reality, it is a mix of technical expertise and soft skills. Communication plays a vital role in reporting or communicating your findings. It becomes even more important since you may have to explain expert-level complexities to laymen who have no technical background. Thus, you should have the skill to spin a story around the data and your discoveries.

Soft skills are also rather essential when you are working as a team. Having to coordinate with the various sections can get a lot easier if you are equipped with the requisite soft skills.

Keep Growing

Even though it has been mentioned earlier, it can never be stressed enough – stay updated. Be an active member of various groups and activities about Data Science.

You could even undergo Data Science with Python training to stay up to date with all the recent developments. Some individuals sign up for the same course over a period of a few months as they know that it is the best way to refresh their knowledge while staying updated. Most importantly, read about it as much as possible. Whether it is through books or online courses, you can stay abreast with all the latest news.

Comment any skill below that you feel should be included in this list.