How to Spend Money Like a Millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I do. You do. Everybody does – well, at least someone has to do some reality check if he/she doesn’t want to be a millionaire.

A millionaire has his/her own perks – more money, more to spend.

I highlight the latest. Why? Because that’s where most people are motivated to be a millionaire – to be able to buy whatever they want.

Unfortunately, that’s where most people will end up when they are finally made it into millionaires – big spenders on loads of stuff they actually don’t want. Period.

What’s wrong with spending big? A person could be so rich so one can do whatever he/she wants with his/her money, don’t they?

Yes, one could – but that’s make being rich is ‘wrong.’

You see, human always wants more – no matter laid back you are in money matters, deep down inside, you always dream about being rich – well, at least to let you stop worrying about money.

A person with lots of money don’t always manage his/hers well. So many things a person want to buy, so even a million dollar a month doesn’t really satisfy his/her need to want more.

So being a millionaire doesn’t really solve your money problems. Before being one, you have to learn how to spend your money well – the millionaire way.

How to spend money like a millionaire

Surprisingly, not all millionaire have the stereotype lifestyle – lying on the beach sipping fruit punch and partying all the time.

Today’s millionaires live their life like your person next door. A good house, a good car, and all other thing you can have to live comfortably.

What differ them from the non-millionaires is how they spend the money.

Yes, they enjoy a good life, but most of their money – I heard some invest 80 to 90 per cent of their money annually – is used to acquire assets.

I know some millionaires live off $5000 a month and spend the rest of their income on assets – Some conservative ones, like mutual funds, deposit accounts, bank accounts, buying lands, and precious commodities (gold, platinum, oil, and such); Some creative ones, like buying or fund businesses, stocks, investment real estates, etc.

So, stop visioning to be a millionaire like decades ago. Today hot trend is to be the millionaire next door.

The new millionaire vision is to live comfortably and family members don’t have to worry about money for the rest of their life.

No party, no beach, no pool, no cigar – well, maybe a little, but not too much :D

So, to conclude – You want to be a millionaire? If so, follow the following keys to live like a millionaire:

  1. Transform your mindset – If you were rich, what would you do with you money? The answer to this question will determine how much money you will have in the end.
  2. Boost your financial IQ by learning from anything and anybody related to managing your money.
  3. Start investing a small percentage of your income to build your asset and increase this percentage to the highest possible over time.

Doing those things will make you the real millionaires – not just the newly born millionaire that has a lot of money but doesn’t know how to manage it – trust me, the money will go to the drain faster than you can imagine.

Ivan Widjaya
Spend like a millionaire next door