Where to Leverage Your Money

In your personal finance endeavour, you have to, of course, secure your hard earned money.

Securing your money doesn’t mean opening the most safest account possible. Securing your money means opening accounts and diversify to increase the speed of your money – or in other words, increasing your earning from the interests.

The main goal here is to beat inflation by as much as you can.

My choice of leverages

I have several favourite leverages to increase the speed of my money. The breakdown is as follow:

  1. Forex
  2. Not necessarily in forex market, I like to invest long-term in forex that is strong and stable, such as the Euro or British Pounds.

  3. Money market
  4. Money market is global financial market for short-term borrowing and lending. In my opinion, a money market account is similar to a mutual fund account, with different market focus.I particularly enjoy online investing – so online money market account, such as M&T Bank eMoney Market Account , is also my choice of flexible, low risk and good yield account.

  5. Business
  6. Investing in a business has always been interesting for me. Choosing the right business will likely to return your investment 40 per cent annually – but the figure varies greatly, depending on the type of business.

  7. Real Estate
  8. Despite the recession, real estate is still my choice of investment. I particularly enjoy investing in business premises, rather than homes.

  9. Precious metal
  10. The safest investment of all is not your saving accounts or deposit accounts – it’s gold. Classic, time-tested and a true asset investment.

What about mutual fund? Sorry – it’s simply not my type of investment. Too volatile, particularly in the place where I currently live.

Let’s say I’m weak at heart in mutual funds and stocks :)

What is your choice of leverages? Share yours by commenting to this post.

Ivan Widjaya
Leveraging money