Small Business Owner Online Resources on Money and Finance

Small business owners are always looking for resources on money and finance. I do, too.

In my case, I look for money and finance info in authority sites, feeds and newsletters, news portals, and social bookmarking sites.

Authority site on money

The first thing you always want to know is which products and services are the most appropriate for your situation, at the most affordable rates.

If you go online to seek for such information, you always want to find sites that compare services and products.

I just found a resource – it is UK-based, but very much useful for a more general audience – is one of the resources on money that offer you wealth of information on money and finance, as well as comparisons on credit card, mortgage, insurance, and many more.

In my opinion, it is a financial authority site with wealth of information, more in quality and quantity than finance information sites I often visit before.

I particularly enjoy and find useful information on credit card quotes, as well as insurance quotes comparison.

You can also compare mortgages and if you don’t want to compare anything at all, you may find the money news and tips section helpful.

Finance feeds and newsletters

I will most likely subscribe to exceptional websites or blogs that offer RSS feed subscriptions or newsletters. If a site offer them both, I usually subscribe to both.

I can access wealth of information from a ‘dashboard’ – in this case, Google Reader, then visit an article or two that interest me the most.

In case, there are 5 feeds available. I subscribed to the one I interest most – personal finance.

If you are a web programming whiz, you can customise the RSS feed to only display your selected categories.

Internet news portals

A general news portal, such as or Google News, and a finance news portal, such as and are also my sources of finance and money information.

I usually use the information from news portals to look for trends and macroeconomic views on finance and money.

Social bookmarking sites

Another source I often visit for finance and money information is social bookmarking sites. is the most prominent one, and lately, I enjoy visiting Yahoo! Buzz and Propeller. In my opinion, Yahoo! Buzz is better in delivering a better quality story on finance.

Your source of money and finance information?

Any other online resources you often use and visit? Please share your online source for money and finance information by commenting to this post.

Ivan Widjaya
Money and finance online resource