Introducing – Knol Today, a blog on Google Knol

I am proud to announce that I am starting a new blog, Knol Today.

Knol Today is a magazine-blog that blog on selected knols in Google Knols.

If you are new to knols, here is what a knol basically is.

According to Google Knol, a knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic.

Google Knol is an interesting subject to blog on, because it is a cross between Wikipedia and Squidoo – Google Knol has the wiki-like feel of Wikipedia, and a more personal feel of Squidoo.

I will blog on a broad range of topic, from science to business, from health to sports. So, this project is really a challenging one for me.

A call for Knol enthusiasts to be authors on Knol Today

I would also like to invite Knol enthusiasts to apply for Knol Today’s author, because it is inherently impossible for me to blog on all those topics all by myself.

Initially, I would like to partner with two or three authors.

Authors compensation

I plot the blog not to be financially compensate authors, because in my opinion, it is rather impossible to remunerate fairly.

Therefore, I am offering the chosen authors to have the following perks:

  1. Your bio and a text link to your website or blog in Authors page.
  2. Your name in each blog posted by you, linking to your Author page, plus a resource box at the bottom of your written post – the box may contain info about you and a link to your main website, dofollow.
  3. Your photo, one sentence bio and a link to your archive page.
  4. …and more perks to come…

Author requirements

This is a new project, and I’m in need of people that have the passion to hang around a bit longer at Google Knol to see what topic is interesting to cover. For a more measured candidate selection, please send me the following details:

  1. Your short bio.
  2. Your main blog/website URL.
  3. Your reason joining Knol Today.
  4. You have an account with Google Knol – having knol(s) yourself is desirable.
  5. A sample review on any knol that you are interested in.

Please visit Knol Today to get a feel what I’m looking for in an author.

That’s it!

Please send the details to me through Noobpreneur’s contact form. If you have any questions, please do so by commenting to this post or emailing me.

Ivan Widjaya
Knol explorer