Does Having a College Degree is Relevant to Entrepreneurs?

I want to learn more, every day. Continuous learning – with the cool word kaizen – is my key to stay competitive and explore new opportunities.

I learn through forums, webinars, ‘inner circle’ memberships and online degree programs.

While most places I learn in offer free access, some of them are costing you money for a reason – quality. Let’s focus on online degree.

Entrepreneurs need a college degree?

With all the responsibilities I have today – family to take care, business to manage and opportunities to rake – the only way I can obtain a degree is through online education.

Why online degree? In fact, why a degree?

To tell you the truth, I hate commuting and attending classes, and would like to learn from the comfort of my home – so an online degree is a perfect fit for my situation. An example of online university is University of Phoenix, located in nearly 200 locations US-wide.

Entrepreneurs – do you have a college degree? If not, I would like to convince you to have one. A college degree does offer you more ‘leads’ and opportunities.

A college degree is relevant in entrepreneurship?

I know what you are thinking… Why I need a degree if I can get what I have now with the way I am? What a degree can signify?

My answer – It will not directly make you more money than you do today, perhaps. However, having a degree does help you networking in wider network, with more people, especially with the same background.

Doctors speak the same language with other doctors. Entrepreneurs do, too. University graduates do, too (trust me on this).

My point is, having a degree put a ‘social status’ in your networking – I believe you understand that networking is your main source of opportunities.

Having such ‘social status’ will put yourself accessible to a wider group of audience, that will ultimately mean more prospects and potential clients for you and your business.

Do you have any opinions on how a college degree can help you as an entrepreneur? Please share yours by commenting to this post.

Ivan Widjaya
College degree